Simple Steps To Fix This Page Isn’t Eligible To Have A Username in 2022

Are you trying to create a username for your Facebook page and instead, getting the this page isn’t eligible to have a username¬†notification?

I have been down that road before. The importance of having a username for a Facebook page cannot be overemphasize.

For starters, username on Facebook makes it easy for people to find your page via search and directly. How? Via the use of a direct URL. After creating a username, your page could be accessible via an example URL as

Usernames are not only usable for pages on the social platform, personal profiles can also set usernames. However, on this post, we will be talking on Facebook page usernames and how to solve this page isn’t eligible to have a username. Especially in 2021.

Fix this page isn't eligible to have a username

This error is quite different from not being able to set a username. Not being able to set a username for your Facebook page could be as a result of the username being taken.

If that’s the case, you can look through the suggestions presented by Facebook or try other variations. However, if This Page isn’t eligible to have a username is the error you are facing, then we’d arrive at a solution together.

Fix This Page Isn’t Eligible To Have A Username

To tackle this error, let’s discuss the possible fixes. Of course, you’d definitely find the fix here.

1. Brand Your Facebook Page

What’s the reason behind creating a page in the first place? Obviously for the sake of branding, right?

Great! Now, how about you put that to work? It’s not just about creating a Facebook page and next thing, trying to smash a username.

First, make it presentable. Make it appear like what you really intended in mind.

Add a page description, cover image, photo and fill up the necessary information needed for the page. If possible, begin posting a few contents on the page already. If it’s about games, make it appear as such.¬†Fierce PC pretty much has its site customised to look like a gaming platform.

2. Increase The Likes

This is perhaps, the major reason why you are facing the ineligible to attach a username to the page.

Facebook currently allows no¬†minimum number of likes before being able to create a username. As at when creating this content, the minimum allowed number of likes before being eligible to create a username in 2018 is 0. It used to be 25. That’s changed. However, you still want to get those likes before trying to create a username.

To make this faster, there are certain ways to get started and, that’s coming next.

3. Invite your Facebook Friends To Your Page

There are a few ways you can begin building your page likes. One of the quickest way, is inviting your Facebook friends to like your page.

To create a page on the social network, a profile is needed. Profiles are basically for personal reasons while pages are basically for business or public figures.

After creating a page, there is an option to invite your friends. To increase the page likes and increase the chances of being eligible for a username, start by inviting your friends.

If you do not exactly have much friends, here is a proven method to get active 5000 friends within a short pace of time.

If having to invite your friends seem not feasible for you due to personal reasons, there’s another option.

4. Promote Your Page

It’s not enough to just create a brand. You want to promote the brand, right?

Same applies to pages on social networks. You just don’t want to create, but promote too. That way, the chances of fixing this page isn’t eligible to have a username is feasible.

Promoting your page however, can involve two methods; free and paid. The free is a bit more complex. The paid option on the other hand, involves spending. Of course, how much you choose to spend to promote the brand, depends on you. You can even start with $1 and see how that pans out. However, there is a much better method.

5. Boast Page Posts

Although promoting Facebook pages via the promote option works, boasting the posts on the page is a much better idea. Why? It has proven to be more effective. If you are selling a product via your page, think of it as killing two birds with one stone.

Not only is it more productive, it also gets you targeted likes.

If people like the post you are boasting, there is a chance they will visit the page. And if the contents on the page are good, they will stick by hitting the like button. That brings us to the number one tip which involves branding and posting contents on the page already.

Curious to knowing if it’s possible to make money on Facebook? Yes, it is. I have a post which talks on a few ways to make money on Facebook.

6. Don’t apply for change of name immediately

So, you created a page and after creating the page, realised there was an error. Sorry!

But, don’t be quick to change the name. You want to give it some time. Precisely about 24 to 48 hours. Why? You want to make Facebook understand you mean business. If after creating the page, you immediately start changing names due to frequent errors, this can send a red flag. Hence, you want to be careful with that.

A good practice will be relaxing, checking through the information when creating the page, before hitting the final button.

Having followed all the steps above, go ahead and try creating a username for the page. If followed squarely, you should be able to bypass the this page isn’t eligible to have a username error. A direct URL to create a page is

Hope this helps? Questions? Do not hesitate to ask.

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