Access Bank USSD Codes For Various Transactions and Services

Are you searching for the Access bank USSD codes needed for sending money from your account to any bank account? Or perhaps, you just need the USSD code for a buying airtime or creating access bank account?

Herein, you will discover the Access Bank transfer USSD codes for sending money to any bank in Nigeria. Not only sending money, there is more for you to find out here. Just read on.

In line with the cashless economy policy and in a bid to making mobile banking more effortless, a lot of measures have been put in place. Not only do we now have internet banking in place, we’d also have mobile banking via the use of the official banking app, and via USSD codes.

Unlike the internet banking and mobile banking app, internet service isn’t required. What that means is, you can send money from your account bank account to another bank without internet service.

Access bank USSD codes

This is particularly useful in a situation whereby, you are not connected to the internet. Or perhaps, you are using a phone without internet connectivity feature and yet, want to conduct transfer or buy airtime, open account or check account balance.

Before now, I shared with you same service using Mobile banking. However, the USSD code for both banks differs. Same for every other bank operating in the country.

What You Can Do With Access Bank USSD Codes?

The Access Bank USSD code isn’t just limited to sending money, there’s more. These includes:

Access Bank USSD code service to check account balance

  • Opening A Access Bank Account
  • Data Purchase
  • Check Access Bank Account Balance
  • Pay Bills and,
  • Pay Merchants.

How To Send Money Using Access Bank Transfer USSD Code Service

Being able to send money using Access Bank USSD code service is easy and straight forward.

To transfer to other banks: Dial **901*2*Amount*NUBAN account number#. Transfer fee applies.

To transfer to another access Bank account: Dial *901*1*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# from your phone number.

NUBAN Account number in this case, means recipient’s account number.

Please note:

1. USSD codes should only be applied on the account’s registered phone number.

2. Authentication is required. The last four digits of your BVN can be used in this case.

3. There is a NGN 20,000 daily limit on transactions. Need to send more? Consider using internet banking or mobile banking app. The mobile banking app the last time I checked, comes with a daily transfer limit of 500,000.

How To Open A New Access Bank Account Using USSD Code

Opening a new account from your mobile phone is also very easy and straight forward.

Simply dial *901*0# and follow the onscreen instructions.

Please Note:

  1. Your personal details will be required.
  2. Your BVN number may also be required.
  3. Upon provision of the required details and successful account opening, an SMS will be sent to you with details of the new account number.

How To Purchase Data Using Access Bank USSD Code Service

Buying Airtime using the USSD code service on access bank is also easy. Dial *901*8# and follow the onscreen instructions. Please note however, the code needs to be dialed from the registered account phone number. Precisely same number you often receive alerts on.

How To Check Access Bank Balance Using USSD Code Service

To do this, simply follow the instructions below:

Simply dial *901*5# on the registered phone number.

Provide the last four digits of your BVN

Your account balance will be displayed afterwards.

So, there you have it. Being able to send money, buy data and check account balance using Access Bank USSD code is that easy and straight forward. Questions? Feel free to ask.

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