Phoneky : Free Download Latest Games, Apps, Ringtones, Videos Android, Java

Phoneky is a platform that offers free downloads of Apps, Games, ringtones, HD Wallpapers, then even and more for your Android, iPhone, or Java Mobile.

I have known the website for a while and in this post, I’d like to introduce the site properly to you alongside other vital information.

In this post, we will be looking at all you need to know about Phoneky, files you can download on the website and how to download from the site.

Phoneky : Free Download Website For Android

Over time, we’ve talked on a few download sites for mobile phones. These downloads ranges from movies to games, apps, music files, videos and the likes.

There are a few sites that offer all types of downloads for both Android, Java phones and the likes. A few sites however, tend to share specific type of content.

phoneky free download games, apps, videos for android, java and symbian

A site like Phoneky pretty much contains different kind of contents for your mobile devices. These files are specifically tailored for Android, Symbian and Java phones.

Considering the era we are in now, I don’t expect that you still use a Java or Symbian phone. Not when you can get some Android devices for relatively cheap prices.

Having mentioned what is about, let’s discuss what the website brings to the table.

Categories Of Files Downloadable On Phoneky

As earlier mentioned, brings a variety of file types for your phone. These files includes:

  • Apps
  • Games
  • Ringtones
  • Images
  • Themes
  • Videos
  • Live Wallpapers for iPhones

There are a few old services on the website that still provide polyphonic ringtones, Nokia themes, Sony Ericsson Themes.

phoneky downloadable files for android, java and symbian

Having mentioned these, let’s take a deeper look at some of these files.

Phoneky Apps provides free downloads of apps for Android phone. The website indeed has a huge catalog of games which are specially tailored for Android phones.

In the apps session, you’d find the apps tagged as greatest apps. You’d also discover new and popular apps. Therein, you’d find some interesting apps you probably didn’t know about.

There is also the most downloaded this month tab. This displays the apps that has been downloaded mostly for the month on the website. There is equally the top rated this month tab which I like to think is self-explanatory.

Asides android apps, there is provision for Java apps.

Being able to download phoneky apps is easy. On android, you’d have to first enable unknown sources in android. This, you can go by going to Settings > Security > Check the option “Unknown Sources“.

Thereafter, being able to download phoneky apps is as easy as hitting the download app option in the app page.

Phoneky Games equally provide free download of games for Android, Symbian and Java phones. Just like the app session, there is the greatest games tab, the new and popular tab, the most downloaded this month as well as the top rated this month tab.

There are also different genres of games to choose from on the website including multi-player games, online games, 3D games and a whole lot more. Being able to download robot games, action as well as other interesting genres are part of the package.

Download Phoneky games is easy. Again, if using android, you need to have install from unknown sources option checked. Thereafter, you can hit the download Game option in the game page to begin downloading.

Phoneky Videos

The video session showcases some anime videos, movie videos, music and the likes. Therein, you can also find football highlight videos and others.

Again, you can streamline your video quest by using the genre option. In the genre folder, you should find genres like entertainment, funny, anime, seductive, Bollywood, technology, trailers and the likes. You can also get some Korean related videos.

How To Download On Phoneky

To download files from this site, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official website –
  • Select the file category you want to download from. For this case study, we will be using videos. Hence, click on the video tab.
  • Click on the file you’d like to download
  • On the file page, click on the action button. For games and apps, select Download Game/App. For videos, select Download/Play Video
  • On the next page, select the download action again.

At this point, the download should commence. If using a computer, the video should begin playing.

That’s it. That’s how to download from phoneky.

Is Downloading From Phoneky Secured?

Technically, phoneky is a third-party site. And for the most part, it’s often recommended that you download games and apps from the Google Play Store. Reason being that, it’s more secure than the use of third-party sites.

Based on my usage thus far, the files and games on seem legit. However, it is highly advised that you look out for what you intend downloading before actual download.

While it’s safe to use the website, you should be extra careful. Apps and games can carry malware without you knowing. Thankfully, some scanners on your phone should be able to detect if any.

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