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Tubidy is an online music video search engine for mobile. The platform has been available for a really long time now and sure serves its purpose.

Often described as Tubidy Mobile, the download platform is sure to satisfy your needs in regards music video downloads for your phone.

But, is music videos all that the site has to offer? How do we navigate through the site? How do we understand what the site has to offer and more importantly, how do we download files on Tubidy?

All these and more, we will be discussing on this post. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and let’s explore the world of the online music video search engine. Shall we? If you just care about the website, here you go!

Just before we dive into that, do you know there is a tubidy app? Yes, there is. We will also be discussing this during the course of this article. Guess that’s another reason for you to take the time out and stick around, wink wink!

Tubidy Mobile Music Video Search Engine

Are you wondering why I am often referring to the platform as a music video search engine rather than what it is?

Well, technically, that’s what the platform is often referred to; a music video search engine. Why? You may ask.

For starters, the download platform sure offers a variety of music videos for downloads. As a matter of fact, upon visiting the homepage, music videos is often part of the videos you will find. But, is that all it has to offer? We’d find out soon.

tubidy.mobi website for downloading music videos

Another thing is, it’s often described as Tubidy Mobile. Does that mean that the content on the platform is targetted at just mobile phones?

Definitely no!

Tubidy website can also be accessed on your desktop computer. Go on, give it a shot.

However, with mobile phones being what people majorly use in today’s world and with mobile phones being what most multimedia downloads are conducted on, it’s only normal that people term it as a mobile website. But of course, the site can be used on desktop and downloads work on desktop computers as well.

What kind Of Contents Can Be Downloaded on Tubidy?

Pretty simple. Music videos, right? Well, technically, yes but at the same time, no. Yes, because the majority are music videos. No, because that’s not all the platform offers.

There used to be a time when you could select from a handful of categories of videos. That seem to have changed. Now, it’s mostly musical videos with some random videos which are often covers.

tubidy mobile music video search engine

No, the videos are not just English related videos, videos from other countries can be downloaded on tubidy.

Currently, on Tubidy mobile, there are a limited number of categories to aid you with your search; Top Videos, Top searches, My Recently viewed. Oh, there is a search bar just in case you have a particular file in mind.

Top Videos

The top videos session on tubidy website basically explains what it is. I mean, you can deduce with that means from the title itself. It simply means the category houses videos or songs that are considered top on the platform.

Hence, if you have no idea what song to download and you are on the look out for what’s trending on the platform, the top video menu is a good place to begin your search.

Top Searches

This I believe, is also self-explanatory. Comparing this to what it used to be, I would say, I miss the old tubidy.

Being able to figure out the top searches being conducted on the website at the time, was quite easy. Although it still works now, the search terms are now arranged. Initially, it used to be clustered which, call me weird, but I liked.

Not to say the new format isn’t nice, it’s a bit of extra work now finding a huge number of what’s trending in people’s minds or the video search engine searches on the website.

Guess I don’t need to talk on my recently viewed. If you must know, it’s simply a session that displays your recently viewed videos.

Tubidy App?

Although I know someone who used to use the app on an iPhone, searching through the app store, I couldn’t find an appropriate one. Not sure why.

Although a few tubidy apps are shown, they are unofficial. Downloaded one for the sake of testing and it was a total crap.

App launched, displays the homepage, showed an ad but didn’t go past there. Using the search function displays a no result found error. Apparently, the app is useless.

However, If you’d like to download from tubidy on your iPhone, I’d be more than excited to show you how to.

How To Download From Tubidy On iPhone

OK, iPhone doesn’t normally allow you download videos and songs from external sources. So, what do we do? We employ the use of external apps.

One external app I would recommend for this purpose, is Total downloader also know as Tdownloader. So, first things first, have Tdownloader downloaded on your iPhone. Thereafter, follow these steps.

  • On the Tdownloader app, tap on Browser
  • Under browser, type in tubidy.mobi
  • When the page loads up, navigate to the song you want to download
  • Select MP4 or MP3 Audio. Selecting MP4 means you want to download the video version while MP3 signifies the audio version.
  • On the next page (assuming you are downloading a video), tap on MP4 video
  • Next, tap on Download.
  • Edit the file name if you want, edit the location of the file if you want. When done, tap on Download.

Go back to the app menu and tap OK Downloads. Therein, you should find the progress of the download. When download is complete, tap on it and you should be directed to files.

Therein, you will find the newly downloaded video from tubidy. Same applies to audio files. Nothing different with the download instruction process.

Bare in mind though, to play the downloaded music or video file on the iPhone, you will need to use the Total downloader app every time. You can find the downloaded file under files on the app.

That’s precisely how to download from tubidy on iPhone. Android users have nothing to worry about. Downloads can be done from the site straight to your phone without the need for an external app.

Same download process applies when downloading on Android though. So, no tutorial is needed in that regards, I presume.

Wrapping up

Tubidy is no doubt, an amazing mobile platform and sure deserved being called mobile video search engine. I particularly like the platform for its simplicity.

Know what else I like? No ads. At least, none I was able to spot. I sorta have problems with sites which tend to utilize pop up ads. That’s not the case with tubidy.

If you have any question or concern regarding the online platform, do not hesitate to ask. Again, tubidy website is www.tubidy.mobi.

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