How To Unblock A Friend Or User On Facebook

For quite some time now, some of my friends on Facebook have been asking me how they could unblock a friend and that’s the more reason I had to come up with this post.

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How to unblock a friend or user on Facebook

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How To Unblock A Friend Or User On Facebook

introduction: In my previous post, I talk and explained how to block a friend or user on Facebook, I remember stating there that blocking a friend or user allows you both not to contact each other in any way unless if you both use an application on Facebook.

Questions: Did you mistakenly block someone on Facebook?
Or did you intentionally block a friend on Facebook and now want to unblock him or her? Then read on….

The solution to unblocking a friend on Facebook using Facebook mobile

If you are a mobile user of Facebook, please follow the steps to unblock a friend or user on Facebook using Facebook Mobile:

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • From your homepage, scroll down to the end of the page where you will find the settings
  • Tap on settings, then locate privacy
  • Click on privacy, then scroll down to where you will find edit-blocked lists
  • Thereafter, Click on it. Then friends you have blocked will be displayed. At the end of this name, you will see ‘unblock‘.
  • Tap the Unblock option and that’s it!

Now to Computer Users:

Solution To Unblocking A Friend On Facebook Using Computer

  • When Logged in to your account, move to the right side of the page
  • At the top right, locate ‘Account
  • Click on it and a pop-down MENU displays
  • Click ‘privacy settings
  • When opened, scroll down towards the end of the page where you will find ‘BLOCK LISTS
  • Below it, click ‘edit blocked list
  • When opened, simply UNBLOCK and that’s it!

Please NOTE: After unblocking a friend, you can then reach them through messages, pokes, etc but you will still need to send them a friend request before they can appear on your friends’ lists.

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