Issues Faced When Checking 2023/2024 Jamb / UTME Results and How To Fix Them

It has come to my realization that many issues or problems were faced by candidates who took the 2023 / 2024 JAMB JAMB/UTME EXAMINATION and wanted to check their results.

Hence, in this post, I have decided to post some of those issues encountered and also proffer possible solutions.

Issues With 2023/ 2024 JAMB / UTME Results and Solutions


Did you try checking your results and No Results Yet was shown to you? Well, there’s no need to panic. Sometimes, it happens that not every result is released at the same time. At this point, patience is required.

The reason that is being displayed is that your result hasn’t been uploaded yet. Your results will be shown to you in subsequent days. Hence, all you need to do is wait. You should try re-checking again in a few days time.


I was trying to check someone’s results on the jamb checker site and when I clicked ‘CHECK RESULT‘, after loading for some seconds, a pop-up message showed me ‘Loading Data‘.

Solutions to some Issues Faced When Checking 2023/2024 Jamb Utme Results

At first, I wondered why. Then I tried again using a different browser and Yay! The result was shown.

If you experience the same, I suggest you try using a different browser.


This problem is quite simple. The error (assuming we’d call it that) is a little similar to NO RESULTS YET but a little complicated I must say.

The reason for saying that is because the message signifies that the result has been withheld by the JAMB / UTME BOARD for further screening.

Certainty as to whether or not, the result will be released in due time, cannot be ascertained. However, I’d advise you just keep checking.

After all, there’s no limit since you are not using a scratch card like WAEC and/or NECO.


Did you try checking your result and realized that not all the four subjects you seated for were displayed?

Maybe 2 out of four or 3 out of 4 were displayed and the aggregate total is equal to the two or three results shown. Wondering why or will the rest be released.

I can’t say for certainty if Yes Or NO. However, for the fact that I am not a jamb official but just writing out of experience and speculations, I wonder why they had to withhold some papers.

But if you’re undergoing this problem, please be patient, hope, and believe that the rest will be released. Alternatively, you should visit the jamb office closest to you and lay out your complaint.

Any other issues you are experiencing? Please do let me know using the comment box below this post and I will try to explain if I have got an idea about them.

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