Entrust OTP Works On Blackberry 10 Phone As Access Bank Soft Token Code

If you are an access bank account owner wondering if you can use Entrust OTP app on your blackberry 10 phone, the answer is Yes!

Entrust OTP works on BB10 Phones (Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30, Z3 etc) as access bank soft token application.

Earlier before now, I wrote on the fact that access bank is giving out free tokens to the first 10000 customers to option in for the bank’s Internet banking platform.

Few days after, I talked on how my Samsung galaxy note was exchanged for a fake S4 phone which apparently could not use the Entrust OTP app. Hence, I couldn’t transact on the Internet banking platform despite still holding on to my Blackberry Q5 phone.

As at the initial point when I went to the bank to make inquiries as regards the token thing, the access bank attendant told me that it only works on Android and for that reason, I didn’t bother looking for the app for my bb10 phone when I lost my android.

Download entrust Otp app for blackberry

After few weeks of ignorance and missing transactions with the comfort of my phone and laptop, I decided to go in search of the Entrust OTP App.

Downloading Entrust OTP App for Blackberry 10 Phones

  • Navigate to blackberry World app on your bb10 phone,
  • Search for Entrust OTP  and choose to download.
  • Launch the app and you would see it works flawlessly. However, the app isn’t set up so there’s nothing you can do with it at the moment.

What Next?

Visit an access bank branch and fill in the form for a soft token re-activation. Within 48 hours, you should get a call from an access bank agent who would give you instructions on how to set up the entrust otp app.

After setting up the App successfully, you should be able to make transactions using Internet banking on your computer or mobile banking on your phone.

My point is, not necessarily do you have to own an android phone before you can use the entrust OTP app.

According to the instructions above and based on my own personal usage, the app works very well on blackberry 10 phone. Hence, you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Can The App Work On Lower BlackBerry Phones?

Honestly I don’t know because I no longer use any of those devices. However, there is no arm in trying.

Just check the BlackBerry world app and see if you can find the app there. If you find it, download and launch it. If that works, then you should be able to use it on your phone.

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