You Cannot Transfer Airtime On Glo Bumpa, Migrate To Glo Infinito Instead

Now, don’t let the title of the post give you a wrong impression simply because I said you can not transfer airtime on glo bumpa package and you need to migrate to glo Infinito plan.

That’s just more like advice from me.

A few days back, I discussed exclusively the glo bumpa package and disclosed how to check the credit bonus on the bumpa plan.

It’s true you get double whatever amount you recharge. For example, if you recharge N1000, you’d get a total of N3000. N1000 main credit balance and a bonus N2000 which can be used for calls and SMS to all networks.

However, this plan is advised only to those who use their glo sim exclusively for Internet subscriptions like glo bis or sorts as the call rate is very high. Precisely 50K/sec which would amount to N30/min.

Few days back, I wanted to initiate a credit transfer to a friend and I kept experiencing errors.

At first, I thought my password was incorrect due to the fact that it’s been months since I made a transfer on glo last. I had to reach the customer care service for a quick solution.

It was then I was made to understand that transfers cannot be done on the glo bumpa plan unless migrating to another plan.

Credit Transfer Cannot Be Done On Glo Bumpa

At this point, I had no choice than to migrate to another plan and the best that could come to mind at that point in time is the glo Infinito plan.

If you haven’t made any migration in the last 30days, migrating to glo Infinito or any other package is free. However, if you have migrated within 30days, migrating to glo Infinito or any other package will cost N100.

How Did I Bypass Transferring Airtime On Glo Bumpa?

The truth is, I didn’t bypass. I just applied some sense of reasoning and had to sacrifice N100.

First I migrated to glo Infinito package by dialing *100*9*2#. Since I have been on glo bumpa for months, migration was free.

Next, I initiated the transfer by dialing *131*recipient’s number*amount*pin# Default pin on glo lines for transfer is 00000. I initiated the transfer and it was successful.

transfer credit on glo bumpa plan

Considering the fact that I use my glo sim basically for glo bis on my bb10 phone and using it on my laptop and android phone, missing out on the twice bonus on glo bumpa plan isn’t something I want to risk hence, it was necessary I migrate back and I was charged N100 for that.

Now my main point is, you cannot make credit transfer on glo bumpa plan. If it’s necessary you make a transfer, then you would have to migrate to another plan like glo Infinito or any other.

However, please make sure to use up all remaining bonus on the glo bumpa sim before migrating because migrating automatically disables the bonus credit you have left.

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