Download GBWhatsApp APK For Android Latest Version 6.55 – Features To Explore

If you are an Android user and you tend to use the WhatsApp application for the most part, you have no idea what you are missing on GBWhatsApp.

I recently transitioned from the iPhone to Android and while on Android, I had to have WhatsApp on board. The platform is unarguably the most popular mobile messaging platform hence, it makes sense to be on that as well.

However, I was unable to install the app on the Xiaomi Redmi 6 still running the Chinese firmware courtesy of the unable to install app error on the Google play store.

Due to this limitation, I had to opt in for GB WhatsApp which is a modded version of the WhatsApp application.

Download gbwhatsapp Latest Version

GBWhatsApp have been in existence for quite some time now but until now, I haven’t really paid attention to the app. Reason being that, for the most part, I like to stick to the official apps than third-party version. However, having used the app for weeks/months now, I have no reason to return to the official WhatsApp application. I am very comfortable with the modded version.

Features Of GBWhatsApp For Android

GBWhatsApp is a modded version of the official app and as thus, brings about quite a handful of features I consider to be really handy.

Most of these features are not on the official app which of course, makes the modded version, a better option.

Here, I will be listing some of the prominent features. Precisely those I’ve come to really like and perhaps, in subsequent posts, I will talk extensively on some of these features and how to activate them should you decide to download GB WhatsApp ApK for Android.

Some features GBWhatsApp brings to the table includes:

Ability to hide chats

Another term for it is private chat. This is particularly useful in cases where people like to have private conversations with snoops.

With private chats turned on and a contact added to the private chat list, it doesn’t display in the chat screen. Instead, it is hidden. To access this chat, you will need to draw the pattern you initially set up. Having to draw a pattern each time for me, can be quite stressful. Would be nice if fingerprint unlock feature is embedded.

PIN Lock Access

Still in relation to Privacy, is the ability to lock the application. This way, people won’t be able to access the application without entering the PIN you already set.

On the official WhatsApp, there is a 2-step authentication method. However, the PIN set in that regards is only required once in a while. In this case of PIN lock access with GBwhatsapp APK, the PIN you set can be required each time you exit the app.

Customize Interface

Yes, you can customize the interface on GB WhatsApp to whatever color you want. I find this to be pretty interesting and thus, makes the application not feel boring over time.

customized GBwhatsapp interface

In the screenshot above, I customised the application to have a uniform color. Kinda nice, yeah?


Yes, you can choose fonts on the modded version of WhatsApp. Being a font person, I find this to be really handy. The image above clearly displays the font I currently use on the application.

Turn Off View Status

To turn off view status notification on the official WhatsApp, you have to turn off read receipts. That means, recipients wouldn’t know when you read their messages likewise them.

You also won’t be able to view the contacts that have viewed your WhatsApp status updates. That’s not the case with the modded version of WhatsApp referred to as GBWhatsApp.

On GBWhatsApp APK for Android, you can hide view status. That way, when you view your contacts status updates, they won’t get to find your name on their view list. While that’s in-tact, you will still be able to see the contacts that viewed your WhatsApp status updates as well as keep the read receipts turned on.

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If you aim to view WhatsApp Status updates without letting them know, this is a very good way around it.

Search Web

Although sometime back, there was a trick to conducting web searches on WhatsApp, it wasn’t effective anymore after a while.

Although the search web feature on this modded version isn’t exactly the same, this is particularly useful for image search.

Sight for example, you want to send a picture of love to someone yet, do not want to undergo the stress of navigating to Google, download the image and back to whatsapp. That’s where the search web feature comes in place.

On the chat screen, tap the options button and select search web. Input the keyword, hit on search, look through the results and send the appropriate image to the contact. It’s actually that simple.

Download WhatsApp Status Easily

Before now, there are ways to download WhatsApp status updates of contacts on Android. However, they can be a bit technical. With GBWhatsApp For Android, downloading WhatsApp status updates of contacts is a breeze.

I find this to be more convenient instead of going through the hustle of navigating to file manager, ET cetera.

Revoke Deleted Messages

Whatsapp sometime back, introduced the ability to revoke or delete sent messages. While this is fun, it can be annoying.

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For people like me who can be quite nosy in knowing what you sent earlier regardless of whatever it is, being able to still access that deleted message is useful.

With GBWhatsApp for Android, that’s easy. The revoke deleted message feature allows you still access the messages deleted by the recipient. How cool is that?!

Message Scheduler

Need to send a birthday message to a contact but can’t stay up till 12am? That’s where the message scheduler feature on GBWhatsapp can be handy.

With the Message Scheduler feature on this modded version of WhatsApp, you can schedule a message to a contact and also include a time.

When it’s time, the message will automatically be sent to the contact as long as there is internet connection on the smart phone.

There are a whole lot more features that GBwhatsapp android brings to the table. However, that will be extensively discussed in subsequent posts.

Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version 6.55 For Android

This modded version of WhatsApp is actively updated and as such, brings new features to the table.

The current update is on version 6.55.

However, whenever you please, you can download GBWhatsapp latest Version for Android below:

App nameGB WhatsApp
App VersionGB v6.55 (latest) Official
App StatusBeta (Stable)
Android version RequiredAndroid 3.2+ or higher
App size33 MB
Total Downloads10,000,00+
Last Updated on30th August, 2018

Download Latest APK Version

Fix Unable To Install App Error

If perhaps, you are having issues with installing the app, here is a fix.

On my Xiaomi android phone, I notice the app is sometimes tagged to be dangerous. Regardless, I’ve skipped the warnings and no downsides so far.

By default, android doesn’t allow you download apps from external sources and of course, GBWhatsapp isn’t available for download on the Google Play Store. It’s only available for download from an external source which I already linked above.

Hence, to fix being able to install apps from external sources on your Android phone, Go to Settings > Security > Tick Unknown Sources.

That’s it. That’s all you need to know about GBWhatsApp APK for Android, what features it brings to the table and where to download the app on your Android device. Questions? Do not hesitate to ask.

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