Waptrick – How To Download Waptrick MP3 Music, Videos, Games and Apps

Waptrick.com is a website centered around mobile downloads. In another way, put it as a platform for mobile users to download files and stuffs for your phone. Phone in this case, could mean android, iPhone, Java or Symbian.

There are quite a handful of files that one can download on waptrick and this includes, MP3 music files, Videos, Games, apps, themes, sound effects and more. There are quite a handful of options to choose from. The more interesting thing is, the website is updated daily.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time I’d be making reference to the site. In a previous post, I talked on the mobile downloading platform however, I would say, I wasn’t quite detailed. Detailed in the sense that, there was no tutorial as how to download from the website.

Being able to download from waptrick to android and pretty much other phones is quite easy and straight forward. Even a newbie smart phone user should be able to find his way around that. But, being able to download from the website to iPhone or iPad is a bit complex. Especially if you do not intend using file sharing apps like Xender. And that’s where this post comes to play.

waptrick - how to download games, mp3 music from waptrick.com

But first, let’s look at what the waptrick website offers even though we’ve made reference to this in the previous article. We’d also be looking at quick links to get to various sessions on the website. This is essentially useful for those in a hurry to access a particular category there.

Waptrick – Categories and How To Visit Them

Since there are quite a handful of categories on the waptrick website, we will be looking at the most prominent and also provide links to directly access those categories. This is handy for those in a hurry to visit a particular session of the website.

Waptrick Photos

This is a category meant for daily uploads and downloads o

f Photos. If you are in need of photos for your phone, this is the session to visit on the platform.

There are a lot of photos to choose from being able to download these phones to your phone is pretty easy and straight forward. There are different types of photos to choose from including funny ones and less interesting ones. Click here to access the waptrick photo gallery.

Waptrick Games

This is self-explanatory, I believe. This is a category basically for mobile game downloads. The game session includes free android games and Java games. iOS users for the most part, are left out on this one.

There are other game sessions to choose from upon visiting the game session. Therein, you’d find the most downloaded games, arcade games, kid games, action games, racing games, sports games (Hello, First touch Soccer!) and a host of others. For the most part, this is handy for android users.

Click Here to visit the waptrick games session.

Waptrick Mp3 Music

For some weird reason, I couldn’t find the music session on the website when I visited. However, I was able to source and find the waptrick MP3 music session for you. So yes! Using the link below takes you to the mp3 music download session on the platform.

The MP3 Music session I believe, is equally self-explanatory. This is a category dedicated to free music downloads. Yes! Pretty much every file on the website is free to download. In the Mp3 music session, you’d find sub sessions like New Music, New Global music, Most downloaded Music, Most downloaded Global music, different songs from a particular country followed by different music genre.

Being able to download music files on the website is pretty easy. I will be sharing with you, a guide on how to achieve that. Click Here to visit the waptrick Mp3 music session.

Waptrick Videos

The videos session on waptrick is dedicated to what it is; Videos. This session houses everything that has to do with videos and films (not Movies) on the website.

In this session, you’d find sub sessions like most downloaded videos, sports, cartoons, movie trailers, games and a host of other related type of videos. There is also a big brother video session if you are interested in that kind of thing.

Click Here to visit the waptrick videos category.

Although there are more sessions and categories on the website, these are perhaps, the prominent for the most part. If you’d need a link to a particular session on the site, please be sure to let us know via the comment session and we will aid you with that.

Having talked a bit on the major sessions on the website, let’s discuss how to download from the website.

How To Download Files On Waptrick.com

First, perhaps I should mention. Although it’s being referred to as waptrick.com as the website, it redirects to waptrick.one which actually, is the same website. Just a redirection. That’s all.

Being able to download from the website is easy and straight to the point. However, there is a clause. For android users, this is easy to do and for the most part, does not require special guidelines. However, for iPhone and iPad users, it’s a bit more technical. We will aid you through though. We are that nice! 😀

On Android

Using waptrick Mp3 music as a case study, follow these steps to download files from waptrick to android devices.

  • Visit the mp3 music session and select the preferred session you want to download from or particular song you want to download.
  • Using In my feelings by drake as a case study, tap on that.
  • On the next page, choose your preferred quality. I will recommend going for the best quality
  • In the next page, tap on Proceed to download Drake In My Feelings.mp3
  • At this point, the file should begin downloading.

On iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Downloading files from waptrick.com to iPhone and iPad follows the same pattern as android. However, you’d need a third-party app for this. You can choose between TDownloader and DManager.

Using any of those apps, follow the same steps as directed for android users and you should be able to find the files saved on your phone. One issue though. You can only access those downloaded files from their respective apps. Videos can be saved to photo gallery though.

There you have it, guys! That’s all you need to know about waptrick.com and how to download files from waptrick website to your phone regardless of the phone type. Questions? Do not hesitate to ask.

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