Here is How You Can Watch Big Brother Naija 2022 Live Stream Online

The Big Brother Naija show needs no formal introduction. The 2017 version kicked off around late January, 2017 and thus far, it’s been an intriguing show.

If you are much of a social media user, you certainly must have heard two or more people talk about the show on social media. Their appreciation, dis-satisfaction, opinions and what have you.

Quite a handful seem to be talking about their favorite housemates.

Watch Big brother Naija 2017 show

As you probably already know, Big Brother Naija 2017 airs on DSTV and GoTV. However, In a country like Nigeria where electricity is a major concern, how do you keep up with the show?

There’s where being able to watch the show online comes to play. And yes, it’s very feasible and easy.

How to Watch Big Brother Naija 2017 Show Online

Thankfully, some good guys already have channels where you can watch the show live on YouTube. Hence, you can tune in at anytime and be a part of the show as it unfolds.

To watch, simply subscribe to ToxiC Pattat YouTube Channel HERE or Piccitoxin YouTube Channel HERE.

Thereafter, follow the live streaming link and enjoy watching Big Brother Naija 2017 Show live. While enjoying the show, you should put an eye on your internet subscription. Cheers!

Watch Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Stream

The 2018 Big Brother Naija show is here! It’s been airing for a while now and as usual, it’s got the attention of the people. If you’d like to watch the 2018 version of the big brother naija show on your phone, computer, tv or whatever device equipped with internet connection, here is how to.

But just before we head over to you can do that, how about a little more details about the show? Details like contestant and all? If you’d like to skip this, you can simply scroll down to where the YouTube video is displayed. There, you can begin to watch the live show.


Below are the names of the current contestants at the Big Brother Naija season 3.

Big brother naija (BBNaija) 2018 contestants

20 contestants are currently in the house competing for the grand price for a period of 85 days. These contestants are;

  1. Lolu
  2. Cee-C
  3. Tobi Bakre
  4. Angel
  5. Bitto
  6. Miracle
  7. Princess
  8. Dee One
  9. K- Bruile
  10. Teddy A
  11. Vandora
  12. Nina
  13. Alex
  14. Bam Bam
  15. Ahneeka
  16. Ifu
  17. Leo
  18. Khloe
  19. Anto
  20. Rico Swavey

Watch Big Brother Naija Season 3 Live Stream Via Mobile and Computer

Before we had over to taking on other forms through which you can watch the show which of course, involves DSTV and GoTV, let’s quickly sort you can watch the show using your mobile device.

Below is the live stream channel on YouTube:

Watch BBNaija 2018 Live Stream HERE!

All you need do is, follow the link above and you should be able to live stream the show using your computer or mobile phone. You should consider subscribing to an unlimited data plan to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Some Unlimited Data Plans you can consider subscribing to are;

How To Watch BBNaija 2018 on GoTV and DSTV

Yes! BBNaija season 3 is officially airing on GoTV and DSTV. Hence, if you happen to own a GoTV or DSTV cable with an active subscription, you should be able to follow the show.

For GoTV users, the normal NGN 1800 subscription should set you going. For DSTV, the BBNaija live stream channel isn’t available on the access bouquet. You’d have to opt in for the higher package.

If you are a active GoTV subscriber, you can watch the Big Brother Niaja Reality show live on Africa Magic World, GOtv channel 10 and GOtv Nigeria channel 29.

For DSTV subscribers, you can also watch it live on DStv channel 198, AfricaMagic Urban and AfricaMagic Showcase.

The Daily shows for Big Brother Naija Reality show comes up Mondays-Fridays

  • Time is 8:30pm (WAT) on AfricaMagic Showcase
  • 10pm (WAT) on AfricaMagic Urban and AfricaMagic World

The Weekly show comes on Fridays and TIME is 7pm (WAT) on AfricaMagic Showcase, AfricaMagic Urban, and AfricaMagic.

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