How To Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Messages On WhatsApp

Recently, news was all over most tech blogs stating that WhatsApp will soon be introducing the ability to bold, italic and Strike-through messages on it’s mobile messaging app.

With the rolling out of the update which brought about the end to end encryption technology on the mobile messaging app, the ability to bold, italic and strike through messages on WhatsApp also came to limelight.

whatsapp bold, italic and strikethrough formatting features

If you are using the latest version of WhatsApp on your android and iOS devices, you should be able to bold messages, make messages italic and even strike-through messages.

Styling WhatsApp Messages In Bold, Italic and Strike-through Formats

  • If you’d like to make a whatsapp message bold, simply use * before and after the message. For example, *bold*.
  • If you’d like to make a whatsapp message appear in italic format, simply use _ before and after the message. E.G, _italic_.
  • If you’d like to make a WhatsApp message to appear in strike-through format, simply use ~ before and after the text. For example, ~strikethrough~.

It’s that simple. You can go ahead and give it a shot.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on blackberry phones. Based on my experiments, using the formatting styles from a BlackBerry to an iOS or android works. However, using the formatting styles from an iOS or android to BlackBerry doesn’t work.

For example, using *TechsNG* on an android and then sending to a WhatsApp user using a blackberry phone only display the message as *TechsNG* instead of automatically formatting it into bold style.

However, sending *TechsNG Blog* from a BlackBerry WhatsApp user to an iOS or android WhatsApp user automatically bolds the text when received on the iOS or android. Understand?

Hence, you may want to be sure of the kind of phone the recipient uses before confusing them with signs instead of feeling like a boss. Perhaps, Blackberry’s inability to perform these features may just be signs of WhatsApp stopping support for the platform as earlier announced by the mobile messaging app.

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