How To Download and Use Google Smart Voice Access App

Laziness is when you find it a little more tasky to just operate your phone using your hands that you have to opt in to using voice control option while being smart is when you are trying to prove to someone who instead of you typing your phone, you can just give voice commands and it’d work out fine.

Yes, in my opinion, that’s what Google is trying to achieve with its voice access app. The Google Now feature has been in existence for quite some time now with new features being put in place.

With the Google Now feature, users can simply say ‘OK Google’ and the Google Now’s voice recognition services comes alive thereby allowing you conduct voice searches, give voice commands and more.

The downside with the Google now service would be the voice intonation. For those in the US, they shouldn’t have a problem with giving commands without the service giving wrong results. However, for those of us who are not used to twisting our voice to sound like an American, it could be a huge pain in the butt.

Thankfully, Google is working on its voice access feature which I guess is an answer to Google Now users outside the states.

Google voice access app features

Google Smart Voice Access App For Android

Google’s voice access app is currently in beta stage and what it does exactly is allow you control your phone using numbers instead of long voice commands.

When the Voice Access feature is activated, users can simply look at the screen and say the corresponding number as numbers as assigned to all options as seen in the screenshots below.

google voice command numbers

Based on my usage of the beta app so far, it seem really nice. I mean, it gives the impression that you are actually using a sophisticated smart phone and not just an android phone. Imagine instead of typing, you just be stating number and voice commands like 6, 10, back, home etc.

The only downside I have experienced so far with the app is that, in other for the voice access feature to work properly, you’d have to be in a quiet environment.

If you are close to someone mentioning numbers and your phone is right in your hands with the display on, the person could automatically be giving commands to your phone.

And oh, you need to have voice access feature turned on and to do this on your phone, you need to navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Access and choose to turn it on.

The app is currently in its beta stage and at the moment, beta testers are no longer needed. However, you can download the app HERE and give it a shot.

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