Google Allo Review – All To Expect From Using The Mobile Messaging App on iOS

Google’s new mobile messaging app, Allo, has been around for a while now. It was precisely launched on the 21st of September and thankfully, it is now available to Nigerians.

I actually installed the app on my iPhone a day or two after initial release. At the time, the app wasn’t available to Nigerians. However, using the same trick I used in getting Pokemon Go Game, Allo was already seating on the iOS device waiting to be used.

Google allo mobile messaging app

Allo App size on iPhone

Most essential Apps on iOS are known for their large file sizes and Google’s Allo is no different. Allo carries a file size of around 81MB on iTunes.

Same Allo app on Google Play Store (discontinued and replaced with Messages App), carries a file size less than 10MB. Does the extra size on the iOS makes any difference? Just continue reading…

Getting Started With Google Allo On iPhone (Initial Setup)

Upon launching the app, you are greeted with an introductory message. This gives you an head-start thus, asking that you great Allo access to your contacts as well as turn on notifications.

allow google allo access to contacts and notification

Thereafter, you are asked to choose your country of residence. In my case, United States Nigeria please!

choose country of residence during initial set up

After choosing your country of residence, you are to enter your valid phone number. Be sure not to make a mistake as a verification code will be sent to the phone number you input.

Input correct phone number

This is somewhat similar to same process required by WhatsApp. Not like I was expecting anything different though ?.

After initial setup is complete, Google Assistant says hello to you. Of course, the assistant requires access to your location before being able to work accurately.

Grant location access to google allo

I would say Google’s assistant is quite smart and, intriguing. Nothing out of the norm!

Google assistant on allo app

You can ask the assistant to even give you a quick result for a keyword. Tapping on the link, of course, leads you to an external browser.

Get quick search results on allo

It’d be recalled that a bot on WhatsApp was able to do same-thing almost similar. Using wiki though. Besides, that didn’t last the test of time.

There are more you can do with the Assistant on Allo.

Going through the settings, I was a bit disappointed. I mean, everything here looks basic. And yeah, I do think normal is beginning to get boring. You agree?

Google allo settings


Oh! Less I forget, as seen with every Google app, you need a Gmail account in other to use the app.

Chat Options

Allo gets a plus here. You can start a group chat or start an incognito chat. Of course, normal chats are no exceptions.

chat options on google allo

Choosing the incognito chat option, this basically allows you engage in a somewhat secret chat with any contact of yours.

incognito chat options

Under incognito mode, you can set expiring time for which the conversation is suppose to self destruct. Kinda similar to BBM’s private chat feature. Except for the fact that, while in incognito mode, screenshots can be taken and saved.

Things I like about Google Allo Mobile Messaging app

Now to the things I like about the app:

User Interface: I kinda like the interface. Quite basic and minimalist. Nothing too complex.

Assistant: Pretty nice too. I mean, you could stay all day just chatting with a virtual assistant lol.

Smart Replies: If you are as lazy as me, you will love this feature as well. Although sometimes, the smart replies can go out of proportion, it’s still very handy.

Sounds: Awww! It just sounds appealing to the ears when you are sending and receiving messages as well as being notified of a new message using Allo. Those sounds, really, can make you kinda addicted to the app.

Stickers: Yes! Google allo support stickers. Loads of them come packed with the app.

Things I don’t like?

Settings is just too basic : For an app with over 81MB in size, i was expecting some more settings that allows you customize the app or sort. The settings is just too basic jare. Compared to the 10MB file size for Android users, one would expect more.

Voice Calls : Being able to make calls from a mobile messaging app is becoming very essential. Messenger has it, IMO has it, WhatsApp has it, why not Allo? Hopefully in subsequent updates, it will be brought to the table.

Other than the above mentioned, what’s the essence of using a mobile messaging app if most of your contacts ain’t using same app? Although the Allo has reached over 5million downloads on Play Store, a lot of folks in Nigeria ain’t using the app yet.

In summary, Google Allo app is really cool. If I am to choose between the Allo app and WhatsApp, I think I will go with both of them (pending when allo introduces voice calls or note). I could use Allo more though. But that of course, is if most of my contacts are on Allo. Of which currently, they ain’t.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉