The Reasons To Transfer Files Between iPhone and PC With WinX MediaTrans

A couple of times, we’ve talked about tools useful for iPhones and iPads If you happen to use one.

On this post, we’d be looking at WinX MediaTrans. WinX mediaTrans is a software that allows you transfer files between iPhone and PC.

I understand that Apple already has such tool. I mean, we have the iTunes which does transfer syncs files from your computer to your iPhone. But, here’s the thing.

iTunes syncs and not exactly transferring. What that means is, if you have existing files like music files or videos on your iPhone that ain’t available on your computer, and you use iTunes in syncing, you could lose those files on your phone that ain’t available on your computer.

Scary, right?

Well, that’s where computer programs like WinX MediaTrans come to play. On this post, we’d be looking at WinX MediaTrans which is just the software that allows you transfer files between iPhone and PC. If using a MacBook, there is MacX MediaTrans.

WinX MediaTrans : Introduction and What It Offers

From the preamble above, I like to think I have given an insight on what to expect using the WinX MediaTrans computer program.

WinX Mediatrans transfer tool

I like to think Win means Windows while MediaTrans means Media Transfers. There is MacX MediaTrans which is specifically for Mac. Hence, if you happen to own a Macbook or an iMac, the MacX software is what you should read about. Of course, both software performs the same functions.

Let’s look at some of the reasons to choose WinX MediaTrans over iTunes when transferring files from your iPhone or iPad to computer.

Reasons To Transfer Files From iPhone or iPad To PC and Vice Versa Using WinX MediaTrans Over iTunes

With MediaTrans, not only can you transfer files from your iPhone or iPad to your computer, you can also transfer files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad.

I have been using the tool for quite some time now and it works seamlessly.

This isn’t to say that iTunes is totally bad or shouldn’t be used. As a matter of fact, iTunes is required to be installed on your computer for you to actually use this tool. However, there is a lot more benefit to using MediaTrans over using iTunes.

Some of these advantages includes:

  • Two-way transfer of all or deleted files. E.g, Photo, Video, music, e-book and voice.
  • Transfer files in a flash. WinX utilizes hardware acceleration tech to transfer iPhone files in a flash.
  • Auto-Convert Video, music and ebook. With the transfer tool, you need not worry whether or not, a particular file that will work on your iPhone. Reason being that, MediaTrans auto-converts videos, music and ebook to fit your iPhone or iPad. This is needed is cases whereby certain media files are not supported on iOS.
  • Manage Music Library: Being able to actually manage music library is doable using MediaTrans. Users can create playlists, create ringtones, add/delete songs, edit artists, album info ET cetera.
  • Remove DRM: Perhaps, one of the features that makes WinX MediaTrans stand out, is the DRM remove feature. With this, you can export tunes free or paid music videos to PC for playback in non-apple mobiles.
  • Encrypt file: There is also an option that allows you encrypt and decrypt specific files. This is useful if you want to limit access to specific files.

There are more advantages but I like to think the few already mentioned above, is enough to convince you. Click here to know more about iTunes VS WinX MediaTrans.

Having discussed that, let’s see how to transfer files from iPhone or iPad to your computer using the tool.

How To Transfer Files From iPhone To PC using WinX MediaTrans

This is aimed at giving you an idea on how to transfer files from your iPhone to your computer or vice versa using MediaTrans.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using music files present on my phone.

  • First, download WinX MediaTrans tools for free from its time-limited giveaway page.WinX mediatrans giveaway
  • Install and launch the program on your computer
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using Its USB cable. If iTunes loads up, close it.
  • On the winX mediaTrans page, select the kinda file you want to transfer.WinX Mediatransfer Interface
  • Since we are using music file as a case study, I will choose music manager.
  • On the next page, all the music files in the music folder of the phone, will be displayed.
  • You can thereafter, select all or select specific files you want to export, edit or delete music.files to be exported from iPhone to PC using WinX mediatrans tool
  • Alternatively, Open the folder on your phone where you want to save the files. Thereafter, drag and drop all the selected files to that folder.
  • At this point, you should get a notification stating MediaTrans is exporting music.
  • Wait till the process is completed. If you want to import music from your computer to your iPhone or iPad, select the add music option.

That’s how easy it is. Please note, there is a limit to the number of files you can transfer daily if using the trial version. There is a limit of 30 specific files daily. That means, 30 photos, 30 videos and 30 music files can be shared.

Luckily, MediaTrans is offering a free license giveaway. Hence, if you want to opt in to that, use that link.There you have it.

That’s all you need to know about WinX MediaTrans as an alternative to iTunes for transferring files between iPhone and iPad.

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