Effective Method To Hard Reset Your Blackberry 10 Phone Easily

If you own a blackberry 10 phone that comes packed with a non-removable battery and your phone is stuck at a point where removing its battery is required. What do you do in such a case?

Pardon me but did I hear you say such cannot happen on a blackberry 10 phone that comes with a non-removable battery? Okay, permit me to share a quick experience with you.

On a fateful day, a friend called me and said she needed my help. I asked how and she went on explaining her ordeal.

She said she just got a blackberry 10 phone (I ‘think’ blackberry Z30 to be precise).

According to her, she actually used the phone for a few minutes and turned the phone back off since she still got her bold 2 at hand. She decided to turn it on the next day only for the phone to be stuck on the loading screen.

hard reset blackberry Q10 and Z10

She could have just removed the battery right? Well, according to her, the battery is non-renewable hence it seemed like waiting till the phone comes back to its senses.

I asked her how long the phone has been like that and she said for over 30 minutes.

Apparently, in such a situation, doing a hard reset is a necessity because there is no guaranteed time frame as to when / if the device will come back to its senses without a hard reset.

How To Hard Reset Blackberry 10 Phones

In most cases, holding down the power button for a longer time frame might not work but there’s a simple solution and that worked in my friend’s case.

What’s the solution?

Regardless of whatever you were doing on the device before it got stuck at a moment, pressing and holding down the volume up and volume down buttons for like 5 to 10 seconds automatically hard resets the phone.

The device would automatically turn off and turn back on (restart) itself and at this point, your device should be able to function again.

So there you have it.

Following the simple instruction above, you should be able to hard reset your blackberry 10 phone more tips are coming here so please subscribe to our BBM Channel to get updates on BBM.

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