UC Web Browser Now Has A Desktop Version – Download Here

One of the best mobile browsers, UC Browser, has launched its desktop Web version. UC Browser is undeniably one of the best mobile browsers with awesome speed.

Personally, I prefer using UC Browser to any other browser when it comes to downloading stuff like movies, and videos online and this is due to its download speed.

Fortunately for PC lovers, the desktop version has been launched and its speed didn’t disappoint in any way.

Download UC web Browser Desktop version for PC

The Desktop version of UC Browser comes in two versions; the general and the Indian version. As you can clearly judge from the version descriptions, the general is for virtually everyone while the Indian version is basically targeted at the Indians and it comes preloaded with a UC cricket add-on which allows users to access the latest cricket news, scores, and related updates.

Just like Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox browser, UC Browser for PC comes equipped with cloud sync which allows users to synchronize tabs and bookmarks opened on the mobile version of UC Browser with the desktop version thereby making them accessible on both devices.

The download speed well known on the mobile version didn’t disappoint on the Desktop version. As a matter of fact, I would advise using UC Browser when next you want to download a large file using your computer.

Download UC Web Browser Desktop Version For PC

If you’d like to start exploring this browser on your computer, Click here and choose the version you would like to download.

If you are not an Indian nor understand Indian, I would advise you to go with the general version.

Now experience really cool browsing speed and download speed on your computer using the UC Browser desktop version. If you have any questions in relation to this, please do not hesitate to ask using the comment session. I often reply as soon as I can.

Other than UCBrowser, I often advise using opera mini for downloads. However, I’d advise downloading that on your phone. Opera mini does have a desktop version too though. The desktop version even comes equipped with free VPN service. Mobile users still get the Opera VPN which is free on both android and iPhone.

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