Find My Phone : Service From Google That Helps You Find Your Phone Location

Good news to Android phone users as Google just introduced a new service called ‘Find My Phone‘.

It’s a service which helps you find your phone in terms of its location. All you need do is make use of a computer because using a mobile phone might not work except you use an android phone that has got the latest Google Now service installed.

How Google Find My Phone Works

If you cannot find your phone or you think it may have been stolen, all you need do is go on Google search using a computer or an android phone that has got latest version of Google now service installed.

Type in the search box ‘find my phone’  (without quotes)  and Google will automatically attempt finding your phone in terms of its location.

how google find my phone service works

Now, you must have your Gmail account logged in on your Android phone before it got missing. Enter same details on your computer when you get the prompt to sign in and the system might attempt to use the Android device manager service.

An approximate location of your phone should be displayed to you. If it’s within your territory, I mean, if it’s within your reach but cannot find it, you can click on the RING function (see image above) which will automatically make the phone to start ringing for like 5 mins till you find it.

If based on the location displayed, it seems like the phone has been stolen, you can choose to lock the device using a new password details and you can also choose to erase every data on the device.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Google is always on point with its ideas!

A Few Notes

Location data from your devices will be collected and sent to Google. Device location is approximate and may not always be accurate.

Google advises that if you believe your device has been stolen, you should contact law enforcement and you shouldn’t attempt to retrieve the device yourself.

Guess this is another reason why you should own an android phone, right? By the way, If you haven’t configured your Gmail account on your Android phone, you should do that now before it becomes late.

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