How To Hard Reset Smile Communication Nigeria Modem / SMiFi Router Device

A few days ago, I was invited to the West Africa Bloggers Conference somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos which I attended. Smile Communications Nigeria, Jumia, and other brands and personalities were in attendance to share some vital information with us.

During the course of the event, a representative from Smile Communications Nigeria asked 3 random questions to which everyone who got the questions correctly, gets a smile SMiFi Router Device plus one sim and 5GB of data for free.

Since 3 questions were asked, three devices were given to three bloggers and I happen to be one of those who got the package for free. Tell me congrats o *winks.

hard reset smile mifi router or modem

For some days now, I have been using the Smile communication Nigeria SMiFi Router device and I must say, the speed is really awesome.

Even when it’s showing ‘No service Available‘ when I am indoors, it still browses with speed. It’s weird but it works.

Hard Resetting Smile Communication Nigeria SMiFi Router Device

One particular morning, I needed to use the SMiFi and I realized the device was stocked. When I mean stocked, I mean it didn’t pass through the name ‘Smile’ on the LCD display screen. I tried using the power button by holding it down for longer hours but that didn’t work.

Another thing I did was to quickly send a mail to smile communications via their contact page on their website and they got back to me via a phone call.

I was told what to do and that fixed it up. I’d like to share some information with you just in case you find yourself in the same situation.

Steps To Reset Smile MiFi Device

#1. Look at the sides of your smile SMiFi device and locate where the sim card has been fixed.

#2. Look properly into the placement, very close to the sim card slot is a pinned area. Look at the picture below for a better understanding.

hard reset smile communications SMiFi device

#3. Find a pin and use it by pressing the Pinned area and the device will hard reset.

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It’s as easy as that. Now, to the area of whether or not I would advise you to buy the smile SMiFi device, in all honesty, YES. However, that is if you are comfortable with paying the data charges.

Reason being that, it’s very much more expensive than that of the telecommunication companies we are more familiar with.

If interested in trying all spectranet, here is all you need to know about the unlimited plan. For nTel, here is the post to read.

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