Hands On Photos and Quick Review Of The Blackberry Q20 Classic

The blackberry Q20 classic is one of the latest phones from Blackberry INC which was released around December 2014.

The Classic comes packed with some cool specs. Talking about specs, the Q20 phone comes packed with a RAM size of 2GB, 16GB internal memory, and an 8MP back camera with autofocus and LED flash while the front camera is 2MP.

The battery capacity is 2515mAh.

If you look clearly, all of the specs above, are really no different from that of the Blackberry Q10 device.

There’s just a little difference between both devices.

Hands-On Photos Of Blackberry Classic Q20 Phone

I actually got a chance to play with the blackberry Q20 Classic phone and I’d like to share some of the hands On Pictures of the device with you just in case you’d be interested.

Blackberry Q20 Classic Front View
blackberry Q20 back

Blackberry Q20 classic review

Blackberry classic Q20 back

Quick Review Of The Blackberry Q20 Classic Phone

In my honest review, the Blackberry Q20 isn’t much different from the Blackberry Q10 in terms of specs. I simply see the classic Q20 as an advanced version or a bigger version of the Blackberry Bold 5 and we actually pointed that out in an earlier post.

The Blackberry Classic Q20 device has got the function keys present on the bold 5. If I have to be candid, even though the blackberry classic is bigger, I still prefer the Q10 to the Q20 in terms of feel in the hands and portability.

Software / Operating System

Talking about the OS, the classic runs on the same OS as other BB10 phones. Nothing so special. The device runs on the latest Blackberry 10.3.1779 OS.


The blackberry Classic battery capacity beats that of the blackberry Q10 as the classic has a battery capacity of 2515mAh while the Q10 has a battery capacity of 2100mAh.

If you’d have any questions in regards to the blackberry classic Q20 phone, you can ask using the comment form and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

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