How To View Twitter Earnings Report On Ad-Dynamo Advertising Network

It’s really a cool thing to be able to make some few extra money from twitter via your twitter account and i have been using Ad-Dynamo to making some money via my twitter handle(@iamsammyadeniyi) and i have also been able to analyze the earning reports via same Ad-Dynamo Account.

Ad Dynamo Advertising Network has been around the internet for a while now giving website and blog owners the ability to make money off their blogs by placing advertisements on their blogs. Ad-Dynamo as an Advertising company also helps advertisers advertise their products and services.

Without talking much of your time, let’s just head over to the main subject matter

Viewing Twitter Earnings Report On Ad-Dynamo Dash-board

First, I’d assume you have linked your twitter account to your Ad-Dynamo account and you are able to view your twitter Dashboard from the homepage.

view Ad-Dynamo twitter earnings report

Next, you navigate to your earnings report by clicking on the Earnings tab which is after Channels and you should be shown your earnings report for Web, Mobile, Twitter.

Click on the twitter tab and you should find your twitter account reports reflecting your twitter handle, Campaigns Name, Tweet, Status, Date Tweeted, Asking price and of course, your earnings.

Now, that’s all you need to get a detailed report of your twitter earnings on the Ad-Dynamo network.

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Update: I am not sure why, but Ad-dynamo seem not to be effective in Nigeria anymore. If you happen to be reading this, you should stick with Google Adsense to earn money from your blog.

There are other ways you can make money from your blog. Three major ways are;

  1. Selling information on your blog
  2. Placing contexual ads on your blog
  3. Affiliate Marketing.

All of these and more, i talked on a post detailed how to make money from your blog. If you are a blogger aiming to make money from your blog, i highly recommend you read that post.

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