5 Things You Need To Know About Making Money Through Blogging

If you have researched on the internet about ‘how to make money online‘, you would definitely have heard loads of people stating different means like making money via taking surveys, affiliate marketing, paid to read mails and loads of others.

You probably would have heard about making money via blogging and you probably wouldn’t. If you have research on ‘making money through blogging‘ you would have possibly gone through loads of stories about how easy making money through blogging could be and the tricks to earning fast via blogging, but at the point based on my experience so far, i am going to tell you the truth.

Blogging isn’t as easy as you might have thought!

Except of course, you want to go through some easy short-cuts which definitely wouldn’t earn you long enough before it goes down. That of course, is if it does earn you visible money at all.


You might have heard the saying that goes ‘Nothing good comes easy‘. Yes, that’s absolutely true! Making money via blogging is good but it doesn’t come easy as it requires lots of work and dedication.

Basically in blogging, efforts = results is the formula! Sometimes, it gets frustrating when your efforts doesn’t yard returns too.

Few Things You Need To Know About Making Money Through Blogging

First, please let me point out here that i am not trying to scare anyone towards venturing into blogging. However, i think it’s best you have a clue as to what it takes so that if your results aren’t good, you wouldn’t go thinking that blogging is just a waste of time.


This can be possibly be termed as a recipe for success. Like i have often stated, you need to be determined to be able to succeed in whatever you do and blogging is no different.

A couple of times, friends come asking me to give them a tip on how i make money online. I am not selfish when it comes to sharing information i have got. I tell them what i do and what it takes. At that point, it seems more like they are interested and the next minute, it’s seems more like ‘Jeez! This thing is crazily demanding, i can’t do this! You see!


No matter how nice a person can be, you just have to know that when you keep meeting up to one particular person for help, you will sooner or later be a burden to that person even if he or she doesn’t show it. After all, he is human and has got blood flowing through his veins.

Unless of course you are paying for his service. But expecting too many services from someone for free? Ummmm! how long can you even do that? Would you want to keep giving information over and over again and getting nothing in return?

Researching for your answers is required of you when blogging and hoping to be successful at it.

Either spend time or money

At this point, the choice is yours. You really do have to spend what you have to get what you want. It’s either you speed your time blogging and putting in all the required effort, or you speed your money blogging and have someone else put in all the effort.

Either ways you just have to know what you are doing.

Don’t blog for money, Blog for Your Benefit

Gosh! What am i saying? Yes, i am right and it’s a more better perspective to making money online via blogging. You know, it’s funny when you focus more on your readers and how you can help them and before you know it, you see the money coming.

I actually stated that way and by God’s Grace, i have my readers trust and same time, the money :). Some little part of the money to be exact, hehe!

Focus and Hard Smart Work

Just like every other business in the world that succeeds today, they didn’t just create a business and sit back, relax for it to succeed. Unless of course, they hired someone or group of persons to help them run the business. So also it is with blogging.

You can either choose to put in all the hard work, create quality content, promote the content and other related needs or, you can have someone or group of persons do all of that. Alternatively, you could focus on creating the content while someone else handles the promotion or wise wiser.

If you cannot hire someone to help you handle a part of the blog, of course you can do your thing all by yourself. Just be sure to also invest some of that time on intensive research.

Hope this helps?

One more thing!

If you want to succeed and make money via blogging, look at it as your own personal business that needs to succeed and treat it with same courtesy.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉