What Is Badoo.com? Meet New People, Chat And Get Connected

Quite a number of times I did get emails from badoo.com on my yahoo mail account stating that friends on badoo are waiting to chat with me.

As per the subjects and emails, wondering what badoo is and knowing the fact that i didn’t subscribe or sign up in their website before, i simply click the delete button.

Probably it’s just some sort of scam mails on yahoo, i said to my self.

I later realized the mails kept coming until a friend of mine showed me his mail from same sender and asked me if i knew what the site was all about?

Badoo, chat and meet new people online

I asked him ‘Did you sign up for a service with such domain before?’ NO, he said. But i wouldn’t mind signing up to know what it’s all about, he added.

Exactly What is Badoo.com?

Having done some research, Badoo.com is a social network just like Facebook, Hi5, friendfinder and the rest. However, this platform seem to be fast raising when it comes to members registered.

This can be credited to the email bombing. That’s what I’d term it as, hehe!

Reason i said that is, a lot of people probably never signed up for the service, used nor heard of the service before receiving emails from the service.

However, who wouldn’t really want to try out a service which states someone in your area wants to meet you? Except you’ve heard a fair share of the people in the online world or you out-rightly anti-social, you most likely will want to give it a trial.

Declining once could be doable. But in a case where you keep getting subsequent mails from same service, you’d most likely to be to give it a trial at some point. After all, what’s there to lose?

On badoo, you can get to do lots of things like meet new people, chat, flirt and have fun.

Although i haven’t got a chance to do much on the social networking service, basically because I am not a fun of just chatting, I do think the social networking service has got something to offer.

Badoo website is also mobile friendly. What that means is, the platform is mobile optimized to reduce data usage and loading time which make surfing through the site more flexible.

How Do I Sign In On Badoo?

First, you need to be registered on the website before you can sign in to your account. Forget the emails. If you do not have an account on the service, you will be prompt to create one following the link embedded in the mails received.

Hold on. Did i include you can sign in on badoo without registering? OK pardon me, you can actually sign in on badoo without registering on the site. However, that will require using an active Facebook account.

Think of it as having to save your self all the hustle of answering sign up questions.

All you need do is to choose the option that states sign in with Facebook and you will be redirected to a connection page where you will need to grant permission. Be mindful of the options and the permissions you are giving though.

You wouldn’t want the app automatically posting on your wall simply because you’ve reached a new level on the service. However, I think you’d be asked if the allow the post before it goes live.

Reason for this is, this option actually requires you connecting your Facebook account with the service.

How Do I Get to Badoo Website?

Just visit www.badoo.com and you are on

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