2 Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin To Stop Spam Comments On WordPress

Are you curious to knowing the best anti-spam comments WordPress plugin to stop spam comments? You’d find out in this post. Please consider continue reading below.

Until recently, this blog used to be on the blogger platform until i recently moved to WordPress platform.

when i successfully moved to WordPress, apart from the usual welcome to WordPress greetings that automatically appeared on my WordPress dashboard, i logged out and in again and guess what? Loads of pending comments to approve.

Wooow! ‘WordPress is Awesome‘ i said to myself. ‘Now, people find it much easier commenting on my blog‘, i added.

But when i clicked on the pending comments option and started reading the comments, i felt like geeeze! These are all trash, they don’t even relate to the posts i have on my blog and that was when i realized they were spam comments.

I moved them to trash and deleted them, thinking that was all.

I later checked on my blog and found other new sets of comments which are both real and spam but majority were spam.

This was becoming a pain in the butt for me as i have to delete over 60 comments each time i log into my WordPress blog dashboard.

best anti-spam wordpress plugin to stop spam comments

I research on how to block spam comments and amongst all i have tried, there seem to be one I am comfortable with.

The WordPress Plugin I used to Block / Reduce Spam Comments On WordPress

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin is a very simple plugin that adds a client side generated check-box to the comment form requesting that the user clicks it to prove that they are not a spammer.

Spam comments are often posted by bots, and using this plugin bots won’t see it so their spam comment will be discarded.

Although i still get some very few spam comments like 3 or 4 daily, this has greatly reduced the stress unlike when i used to have over 60 spam comments on this blog per day.

Update: Additional Plugins To Try Out

Having being a WordPress user for years now, i have learnt a couple of things. Hence, i have decided to update this post with two other plugins I recommend you test on your blog to fix the spam comment issue.

Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

Anti-spam is a WordPress plugin which handles all the dirty work about spam comments. Unlike the first plugin i recommend, this plugin leaves no traces.

By that, you will most likely not find any spam comment pending in the spam folder. Reason for this is, this plugin puts an additional check on your blog.

Based on usage, users would need to input the current year in the box where it is required. Bots cannot do this, only humans can. That way, every comment that goes through, was written by a human and not a bot.

While this is a cool thing, some people may find it annoying. This might turn some commentators off as they have to keep taking that extra step. This however, shouldn’t be a problem for those who are in dare need of assistance from the author of the content.

These plugins are available in the WordPress directory.

How To Install WordPress Plugin?

To install any of these plugins in your WordPress blog, follow these simple steps

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • On the left side of the page, click on Plugins.
  • Therein, you should find the list of plugins on your blog. Next, click on Add New.
  • At this post, copy and paste the name of any of the plugin you’d like to install and wait till it displays the plugin.
  • When that happens, click on Install Now.
  • When installation is complete, click on Install.

That’s it. You have been able to download and install a WordPress plugin.

Please Note: You should only install one of these plugin. You shouldn’t install two plugins performing the same function as that should cause conflicts.

Hope this helps?

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