Cool Moviez : Download Full MP4 HD Bollywood and Hollywood Movies

Hey guys, still talking on websites to download free full movies online in HD quality, we will be talking about cool moviez.

Sometime back, we talked on a related movie streaming site called However, that site seem not to be available anymore. Update: The site now redirects to

Accessing that website URL returns a service unavailable notification. Looking through the whois record for the domain, it seems the domain was suspended. For this reason, I have decided to create an updated content talking about mycoolmovies as a platform to visit.

But first, let’s talk a bit more about the previous website. Not to worry, the new website address can be found under the how to download guide. If that’s your major concern, please scroll down to the heading on how to download full movies from the website.

What happened to Coolmoviez.Mobi Website?

Again, checking the whois records for the .mobi domain, it clearly states and as the current nameservers.

coolmoviez mobi domain suspended

This means the domain has been seized.

Looking deeper into the situation, it clearly means the domain has been suspended. This is kind of norm with free movie streaming websites.

For the fact that they often share copyrighted materials without permission from the owners, they are sometimes faced with law suits and the likes. Other times, the domains are seized and I am guessing that’s precisely what happened to

Anyway, having stated that, let’s talk on the new updated platform. : Download Latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free

Doing a search on Google for coolmoviez, there is a chance you’d stumble on the domain name My cool Moviez pro.

Checking through the movie download website, this is clearly the new domain the previous website is migrated to. The similarities in the name also speaks same.

The design is the same as well as the user interface. The noticeable difference however, would be the addition of new WWE shows and new movies. I stand corrected, but more categories of movies have been added as well.

MycoolMoviez is a website for free movie downloads. The website offers full movie downloads in HD and MP4 formats. If using a lower end smartphone, there is also provision for 3GP movies. 3GP movies display quality are not really nice on high-end smartphones. Perhaps, I should chip that in.

The website makes available, different kinds of movies ranging from cool movies Hollywood to coolmoviez Hollywood dubbed movies. There is also provisions for Marathi movies, Punjabi movies, South Indian dubbed movies, Bengali and Tamil Movies. Telugu and Animated Tamil dubbed movies are also part of the package. Hence, if you are aiming to download any of those types of movies, it’s available on the website.

New Print Updates

Upon visiting the website, there are tabs; Latest movies tab and Trending Movies tab. Beneath that, is the new print updates and upcoming movies. Guess I need not talk on what the latest and trending movies tab signifies.

how to download movies on mycoolmoviez website

The New Print Updates tab is centered around displaying the latest updated movies on MyCoolMoviez.

As at when publishing this post, clearly, the website has Avengers: Infinity war (2018) to have been updated to HDRip Quality.

What that means is, the movie, Avengers: Infinity war (2018) is now available in HD quality video. Cool stuff!

Upcoming Movies

The upcoming movies tab on the website, gives you an insight on the most anticipated upcoming movie.

As at when publishing this, the upcoming movie presented, is Aquaman.

The Aquaman (2018) movie is expected to be released on the 21st of December, 2018. The website clearly has that information stated.

Having discussed those, let’s look at how to download movies in Full HD, HD, MP4 and 3GP formats from the website.

How To Download Full Movies On Cool Moviez

To download from coolmovies website, follow these steps:

  • Visit the MyCoolMoviez official working website using this link
  • Search, find and tap on the movie you’d like to download. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using Mission Impossible – Fallout as a case study.
  • On the movie page, scroll down and click on the file format you’d like to download.

You can select between Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) 1080p HD PC Downloads, MP4 HD files (300mb movies), MP4 files and 3GP files. The sizes are also stated beneath their respective download links.

Click on the preferred quality you want and the download should commence. It’s that simple.

Hope this answers your query regarding Cool Moviez and how to download HD, MP4 and 3gp movies from cool movies? Questions? Do not hesitate to ask.

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