These Are The Top 10 Technologies of The Future

No matter what we think about the future, it will definitely be technological. Innovations can change both the world and ourselves. However, it can be said that the goal of all inventions is to make our life more comfortable. We have 10 technologies that will help make our lives easier.

1.  DNA dating site

New technologies are emerging, the value systems of peoples are changing, and only love remains unchanged. People still use Russian dating sites (or any other sites), swear to love each other forever, and give birth to children. But scientists warn that soon, there will be so much change in the world, that the institution of the family will tremble. It can change greatly under the influence of technology or disappear altogether as unnecessary.

People will love newcomers and robots or turn into insensible machines themselves. Now, such changes seem incredible to us, but we shouldn’t forget: the world has never developed as quickly as it does today.

Technologies of the future

For example, a new dating site, which was launched in a test operation, proposed a new feature: the search for the ideal partner in the user’s DNA. People who register on the site get a special DNA collection kit and send their analyzes back. Then profiles are supplemented with genetic information. According to the obtained results, the site predicts with whom a person may build a healthy relationship.

2. Ishin-Denshin

The device Ishin-Denshin developed by Disney. Its name is a transliteration of Japanese expression which means a tacit understanding between two people. Ishin-Denshin can transmit sound information from one person to another through touch. The device is a special microphone in which you need to utter the treasured message. It converts sound waves into low-frequency charges of electric current. It is enough to touch the ear of another person, and he or she seems to hear a whisper from a finger. A great way to convey a private message in a close circle of people!

3. Artificial Intelligence

In the media and films, the topic of the future is periodically raised where a person communicates on an equal footing with cybernetic partners who understand all emotions, commands, and even humor. Despite the fact that while such technologies of the future remain at the level of conversations and dreams, in the near future, they will be able to change the world.

Scientists all over the world have already achieved their first successes in developing programs capable of recognizing human emotions and expressions. Existing programs today use facial recognition technology which allows them to distinguish between anger and sadness of a person, and some are able to describe the environment. They can be considered the first step towards the creation of robot-machines with artificial intelligence, able to identify and describe events and then communicate the information received to humans.

4. Wireless electricity

Electric energy is the most universal and consumed resource of our planet. But its use is associated with certain difficulties ‚Äď you have to stretch kilometers of wires. It is not surprising that even Tesla set up experiments with wireless current transfer and inductance.

Who wouldn’t want to gain wireless independence? Therefore, scientists from the MIT team have come up with a way to wirelessly transmit electricity. To do this, the electric current is converted into magnetic energy of a certain frequency and transmitted to the receiving device. In this case, no one can interrupt the flow or somehow suffer from such transmission.

5. Body exchange

The ability to physically visit a partner‚Äôs body is a nice opportunity that can take relationships to a higher level. People, who decide to be in another body, have to wear a special virtual reality helmet that connects them with ‚Äúavatars.‚ÄĚ These are the creature that will process and simultaneously repeat movements.

Each thing that avatars see will be shown on the screen of partners. It means that lovers can look at the world with the eyes of each other. Each participant’s screen transmits what their partners see and hear during a conversation. Almost the same opportunities are opened by the application specially designed for romantic relationships. Now, world engineers are working on the gadgets of the future which can read and transmit data about the partner’s brain activity.

6.  Automatic cars

Self-driving cars must solve several problems at once: reduce accidents, give people time back to driving, and allow drivers to drink on Fridays. The development of such machines is currently engaged in Google: even the test has already been conducted under conditions of real street traffic. But technological obstacles stand in the way of progress (Google’s test cars feel great on the freeway, but the city streets are more difficult for them) and the law: the authorities are not eager to allow such cars on public roads.

7.  Dating apps

No matter how much they say that technology leads to more and more people’s disconnection, some of them are able to help build personal relationships. And this is not only apps already known to everyone, allowing you to maintain relationships at a distance.

Today, for those who are eager for new experiences, it is not at all necessary to go to a dating site: just install a mobile application on a gadget, and hundreds, thousands of new people will literally be in your pocket. Applications are very different. So, some of them are highly popular dating services based on the principle of geolocation ‚Äď users are only required to inform their location and preferences, and then choose from those who are closer and looking for the same.

Some services provide anonymity: there are no standard profiles for a dating site, a name or a nickname, only photos, and they are not visible to all users but only those with whom a person wants to chat. An hour later, the application is automatically deleted with the entire history of messages and photos. It is assumed that during this time, users have to choose the place and agree on the time of a meeting.

8. 5G high-speed Internet

Google is developing a project called Skybender to create drones working on solar panels that will distribute ultrafast Internet. According to experts, its speed will be 40 times higher than 4G networks which will allow 40 GB of information to be transmitted in 1 second.

Since the existing spectrum used for data transmission is significantly overloaded, the new service will operate on millimeter waves. But because of the shorter range, they have a low transmission range. If Google specialists can get around this problem, then in the near future, this new technology, which will change the world of data transmission, will allow us to use the Internet at an incredible speed.

9. Feelings at a distance

Devices that allow you to enjoy the pleasure remotely are sold now: Realtouch and Fundawear transmit hand touches. And this is only the beginning: it is likely that these same technologies will allow transmitting tactile sensations (and then, for example, smells) throughout the body in the future. And it will be really interesting if virtual reality is connected to this case: thanks to the development of the Oculus Rift headset, it will bring much more benefits.

10. Relationships with aliens

Now scientists are quite skeptical about rumors that concern aliens. It should be understood that for the emergence of an extraterrestrial civilization, not only a warm planet with water and atmosphere but also a huge amount of luck is needed.

Even if intelligent life appears on the planet, it most likely will not exist at the same time as human civilization. But science fiction doesn’t agree with such arguments. Every year, there are several films and books about the meeting of earthlings with guests from far space. Many of them end in interstellar marriage. The wonderful world of the future, in the opinion of space lovers, will be similar to the Star Trek series: people will make friends with aliens, live with them side by side, and explore the Universe together.

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