Best Cheap Data Plans For iPhone and iPad in Nigeria

For sometime now, we have often been talking on cheap and best data plans for devices in Nigeria. We’ve often used android phones and Computer devices in the title which apparently, get readers wondering if the same plan can work on iPhone and iPad which happen to be iOS devices and the simple answer is YES!

Ordinarily, I am supposed to give another review on the best data plans for devices using glo, MTN, Etisalat and airtel but the advised data plans are no different from that of the November review. Those plans still work on iPhone and iPad devices but for the benefit of its users, am going to be stating the best and affordable plans again here.

Just before we go into that, let me warmly welcome you to the month of December by simply saying ‘Happy New Month‘. This month, we will hopefully be giving out free datas and airtime to the most commenters on this blog. If you want to be a part of it, please be more engaging on this blog by continually commenting on posts.

Best Affordable Data Plans For iPhone and iPad Devices

Although this post is tagged as the best data plans for iOS devices(iphone and iPad), Please be aware that same data packages(plans) could be used on android and computer devices.

iphone and ipad best data plans using glo, mtn, airtel and etisalat

Best MTN Data Plans For iPhone and iPhone Devices

Ordinarily, MTN plans are still pretty expensive if you ask me. During the MTN surprise season which happened to be last month, MTN introduced a new plan for smartphones which gives a total data allocation of 4.5GB for just N2500. The plan sure works on iOS devices.

Another alternative and relatively cheap MTN plan is buying from third-party resellers. You can get 1GB of data for just N1200 or less which comes with a 30 day validity period. Please read the November data plan review here for more information on that.

Today, there seem to be no working trick to all of these. The cheapest MTN data plans is currently the official data bundles from the brand. Although there are still data resellers, none I can recommend right now.

Best GLO Data Plans For iOS Devices

If you own a blackberry 10 phone, the best option on the glo network for iOS devices would be subscribing to glo bis plan which cost just N1000 for 3GB and sharing the internet connection by configuring the hotspot feature and connecting your iPhone or iPad to the hotspot via Wireless. This works flawlessly and what more? You can subscribe thrice each month on the glo bis plan.

So far so good, I haven’t come across a glo data reseller who has been confirmed by me hence I can’t recommend any at the moment.

Today, the glo bis plan has been discontinued. The brand currently seem to offer the cheapest data plans in Nigeria and those can be seen on the data plans page.

Most Affordable Airtel Data Plans For iPhone and iPad Devices

For airtel users, the airtel bis plan still works on these devices without any extra configuration needed.

If your sim is eligible, you can get a whopping 4GB data allocation for just N1500. You can stick to the usual 2GB for just N1500 or you can use the newly launched airtel android plans which also works on iOS devices.

Airtel currently offers unlimited data plans. If you feel like you’ve got the money, those seem to work just fine.

Best Etisalat Data Plan For iOS devices

Etisalat plans are still expensive although the network is known for a good internet experience when it comes to speed. The best etisalat data package I would recommend is buying from third-party resellers which are more cheaper than the normal plans.

It also comes with a 30 day validity period. Again, you would have to visit the  review on affordable data plans here for more information on that.

So there you have it. Please feel free to ask your questions using the comment form and I will definitely answer you as fast as I can.

Please endeavor to share this post as those are the best data package I can recommend for your iPhone or iPad device.

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