How To Access Samsung Galaxy Note Secret Menu Using Codes

Now back to the topic of Samsung Galaxy Note phones, do you know that there is a secret menu for most Samsung devices? Not just Samsung devices alone, but some devices from other brands have got secret menus for performing extra functions. The Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160S is no exception.

The secret menu, just as the name ‘secret‘ implies, it’s a menu that ordinarily cannot be seen on the phone. In most cases, it requires some certain functionality to access it. And in some cases, it requires the use of certain codes. The use of certain codes is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160s. Some MTK phones do have these secret codes as well.

Just like I had initially talked about in a previous post regarding the galaxy note, the SHV-E160s is a Korean version of the Samsung galaxy note. It’s got basically almost all the functionality of the original UK version except for the fact that most stock apps are in Korean language and there are some certain limitations like the total allowed words in an SMS (although a way to fix this has been provided on this blog).

access samsung galaxy note shv-e160s secret menu

Without wasting much of your time, I am just going to show you how to access the hidden or secret menu on the korean version of the Samsung galaxy note. Hence, let’s get started!

Access Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160s Secret Menu

  •  Launch the Phone Call Menu on your phone,
  •  Dial 319712358. You will see automatically see a prompt to enter ‘Password. Enter 996412 and the secret menu options should be opened to you.

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There are pretty good functions to set from the secret menu. And one of the basic functionality is to easily change network mode from GSM (EDGE) to 3G and vice versa. Although there’s a way to change network mode on the Korean Galaxy Note without accessing the hidden menu, it’s not as easy as being able to do that from the secret menu options. Therefore, you should give the secret menu option a go. It will definitely improve the experience of using your Samsung Galaxy Note phone.

Bear in mind though. This secret menu code may not be valid on just the Note series. It may work on some other Samsung devices. Hence, if you happen to use one, feel free to try it. It’d be nice to also hear your feedback using the comment session.

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