Black Friday Deals In Nigeria – Jumia Continue Sales Till Monday

In as much as I am promoting the fact that Jumia Nigeria will continue its black friday deals till Monday been the 1st of December 2014, I won’t fail to express my experience with the shopping mall.

Based on adverts and publicity regarding the Jumia black friday deal, it was announced that deals will be brought hourly. That way, loads of people will benefit from the deals.

Mega deals like a Samsung S5 to be sold for approximately N42000 (fourty-two thousand naira), PS 4 Game console sold for around N61000, Blackberry passport amongst others were also promised.

Black Friday sales commenced on Friday been 28th November, 2014. However, some companies started theirs earlier. Konga started its Yakata sales on thursday 27th November, 2014 and ended 7:00PM on the 28th. I was quite fast to seeing the awesome deals on Konga.

Imagine getting a Gioneer Elite E5 smartphone which ordinarilly cost around 30K+ for Just 10K. An Acer Laptop which cost over 60K was been sold for just around 26K. There were a lot of other awesome deals with transparency in them showing how many left in stock. But I order none because I believed Jumia deals were going to be better (Ojukokoro in action…).

My Experience With Jumia Black Friday Deals

Considering the much publicity and promises on the Jumia black friday deal, I paid no much attention to Konga yakata deals. I was very sure I would get better deals on Jumia when their’s is launched.

Jumia nigeria black friday deals

In other not to miss out on the deal and to show level of seriousness, I had to make plans to fixing my generator which had gone faulty the previous day considering the fact that the Electricity situation in Nigeria can never be trusted. I made arrangement for enough fuel with the mindset of been online by 12:00AM no matter what.

As if i knew, There was no PHCN electricity. Thank God for Generator and fuel preparation, I had to utilize the gen as early as 9:00PM. As at 11:00PM, I made sure I was online and keeping the JUMIA Black Friday Page active on the browser and keeping a watch on the countdown time.

At 12:01AM, Yeappy! Its time to shop for that awesome deal. Ctrl + R refreshes the page but no deals were up yet. I visited the online shopping mall and realized the new link to the black friday deals have been shared.

No time to waste, I acted fast and clicked on the shared link. On getting to the page, I felt a little disappointed as deals displayed were totally out of place for me. C’mon, I need a smartphone and not some TV or kitchen utensils. The displayed deal weren’t even much. Well, I gathered faith again after all, deals will be posted hourly(according to their publicity).

At few minutes past 1AM, I checked again and nothing had changed apart from the ‘Sold Out‘ tag been placed on some of the deals.

I waited till 2am and 3pm and still yet, nothing new. Honestly, I became a little upset and decided to see if there was any new development on their facebook page but nothing other than people’s comment who were obviously not happy with what was going on.

At about 4AM when nothing seem to have changed, I decided to sleep a bit but not forgetting to turn on my alarm clock which was to wake me up hourly. It did and I actually checked the site hourly but nothing new.

At about 8:00AM, they promised the mega deals were coming. Yes! Finally time for smartphone deals(i thought to myself). I kept refreshing the black friday deal page so I don’t miss out on anything.

In the cause of continually refreshing, I saw the so-called mega deals with the ‘Sold Out’ tag displayed on them. I was like Whattttttt! When did that happen?

I navigated back to their FB page and saw user complaining of same thing. How can all mega product be sold out in less than 5 seconds?

To cut the story short, the black friday deal on Jumia Nigeria was a total mess and a total disappointment. During the cause of the day, they repeatedly faced server issues and the site going into maintenance mode for hours.

If going by the comments read on their page, a ‘very few’ people got a deal but trust me when I say 95% of commentators got nothing. So who’s repeatedly buying their mega deals even when they clearly said one deal per customer?? Maybe Spirits lol!.

Anyway, owing to the server issues and a not good Black Friday experience on Jumia, the online shopping mall via their Facebook page, has announced that the Black Friday sales will continue commencement till Monday 1st November, 2014.

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