Best Cheapest Data Plans To Rock on PC, Android, iOS, Windows

First and foremost, let me apologize if this post is coming late. I am supposed to have published this earlier enough. I honestly apologize. However, it’s better to be late than never.

The year 2016 is still flesh and it’s understanding to know that most people are eager to know which data plan is best for their device(s).

Towards the end of 2015, we witnessed a couple of data plans being introduced by Glo, MTN and Airtel. They are quite cheap compared to what we have always had and we’d be mentioning those worth mentioning here on this very post.

Starting off, let’s point out the cheapest data plans on PC (Personal Computer) if using Glo, MTN, Airtel or Etisalat Network.

best cheapest data plans on glo, mtn, airtel, etisalat

Cheapest Data Plan On PC If Using MTN

Let me use this opportunity in pointing out that MTN bis still works with simple servers. If you are a heavy data user, you may opt for the MTN bis trick with the simple server.

If you wouldn’t want to bother yourself with all those stress or trick, you can opt-in for normal MTN data plans including MTN BetterME which offers 2015MB for N2015. The MTN weekend plan offering 3GB for N300 would have been really cool but that has been discontinued.


For over a year now, Glo has been my favorite. I need not bother myself with those MTN tricks nor do I spend much data (at most, 6 to 9GB in a week) hence the Glo bis plan works for me.

Please note that in other to enjoy Glo bis plan on your PC, you need to have a BB10 smartphone. Just subscribe to the Glo bis plan by sending comonth to 777. N1000 will be deducted and you will be given 3GB of data. You can then share the connection from your BB10 phone to your computer via hotspot and you are good to go.


Airtel recently launched a weekend plan offering 1GB of data for just N100 and that’s the cheapest you can get during the weekend. To subscribe, dial *474*1#.

They also launched a night plan which is based on timing and allows you to browse or download unlimited within the allocated time but I am not quite certain as to whether or not that still works. To get more information on that, please click here.

For weekdays, Airtel 1GB for N1000 is the best bet. To subscribe, dial *141*1*3#.


Not so much has been heard from Etisalat. Nevertheless, Etisalat 1GB for N1000 is the cheapest if you ain’t ready for tricks or sorts. To subscribe, simply dial *929*9#.

Cheapest Data Plan On iPhone / iPad, Android, and windows phone if using Airtel

The Airtel plans started above for PC can also work for iOS devices like iPhones and iPad as well as Android and windows phones.


As stated for PC, Glo bis via bb10 phone can be shared to iOS devices and this works flawlessly. It can also be shared with Android and windows phones too.

If you don’t have a BB10 phone, you can opt-in for other Glo cheap subscriptions as seen in the picture below. To subscribe, simply dial *777# and follow the on-screen instruction.

2016 glo data plans for PC, windows, android and iOS devices

If using Android, the best bet will be changing the IMEI to a blackberry IMEI. We have a series of articles on the TechsNG blog here that talks about how to change Android IMEI number easily.

Furthermore, Glo recently launched a service called ‘Glo data booster’. What this service does is it adds more data for you. To get more information in regards to the service, please see here.


Etisalat 1GB plan for N1000 works on every device including iPhones, iPads, Android, and windows. The subscription code has been stated above while talking about data plans for PC.


MTN users can use the same plan stated above for PC users. The BisPlan also works on android using a simple server. Although the simple server now has a premium version, it can still be getting for free without paying. For more information and settings, please read here.

If you have any questions in regards to the cheapest data plans for your computer, tablet, or phone using Glo, MTN, Airtel, or Etisalat, please feel free to ask using the comment session below.

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