Waplog.com – Chat And Meet New Friends Online On Waplog chat

Waplog.com is another amazing website platform where you can chat and hook up with new and old friends online with a user friendly environment.

On waplog, choosing your country is very easy as the chat site is equipped to easily find out your location via your ip address. More so, the chat platform just like every other chat platform, simply helps you find new friends from any country among millions of people.

When visiting the site for the first time using a computer or mobile phone, the website automatically identifies your location through the use of your ip. That way, you can simply engage and chat with friends around your specific country.

For some people, this may not be a good thing. However, i find this to be the norm with most social networking services or networks.

waplog online chatting platform to meet people

Some people sure do appreciate this process. I mean, you’d rather chat and get to meet people in your country rather than chatting with people you’d most likely not get to meet in person, right?

How To Register On Waplog

Registering on the online chatting platform is very easy unlike other social chat sites which may end up asking too much questions.

You can choose to register on waplog using Facebook Sign in function like badoo. Also, you can choose to sign in via twitter or better still, you can just sign up as a new user on the waplog chat.

Visit www.waplog.com and choose any of the sign in option or Choose Register. Fill in your desired username, email address and password and you are good to go.

Waplog also has a feature that is described as waplog panel. This is actually more like your profile panel page.

Other Chat sites i have written about and are related to waplog, includes Mobofree, Eskimi, Mobiluck, smiggle etc. I’d be writing on more mobile chatting platforms in the future. If you’d be willing to see more of those, you can let me know using the comment session.

Did i state that on waplog.com chat, you can also share pictures with friends like 2go? Well, i guess i just did :-).

The mobile chatting platform is also mobile friendly. What that means is, it’s interface is compatible for mobile phones and it works well for computer(PC). That way, if you are using a mobile phone, you can be able to fully explore the chat site.

As earlier mentioned, if you’d like to know more related mobile chatting platforms to possibly get to meet people, do let me know using the comment form below.

Hope this helps?

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