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While surfing through the Internet for a while along, I stumbled on a free animated gif online creator website called I decided to explore it a little in other to see what it offers and it seemed pretty interesting.

Surfing through the website and testing out just one of the features, it reminded me of the frequent Display Pictures I’d see on Blackberry Messenger (BBM). Then I realized those can be achieved from the site.

If you use BBM on your Blackberry, android, windows or IOS phones, you may have noticed some interesting animated gif images being used by your contacts as display pictures (DP).

If yes, those can be achieved using makeagif website. It all boils down to your level of creativity and what you really want.

Make Free Animated GIF Images Online Using

Upon visiting, it is boldly written thus: ‘Create animated gif the free and easy way‘ and yes, it actually works as stated.

makeagif free online gif animated image creator

Although there’s an option to signing up or signing in, it isn’t compulsory to register or log in before you can create your gif animated image.

Hence, for folks like me who do not like signing up on every site, you should be comfortable with this.

Options For Creating Animated GIF On MakeAGif

You can choose to add pictures from your computer or whatever device you use in accessing the site. A minimum of two pictures is required to make gif images if using this option.

You can choose to create a gif from a YouTube video via its URL (web page address). All you need do is copy and paste the YouTube URL into the gif maker by clicking the YouTube to gif Option.

There is also an option to choose to use your webcam to create animated gifs. This option won’t be available to mobile users. I think it’s exclusively for computer users who’s got webcam installed on their system.

You can also choose to upload a video and create animated gifs with it. This should be fun though. Guess I will try that method whenever I have the chance. And finally, you can choose to upload a gif file from your computer and host it on makeagif.

Makeagif is pretty easy to use and if you are looking at creating nice animated gif images, you should try the site out as it is pretty easy to work with and understand.

Why Sign Up For An Account On MakeAGif?

As I earlier stated, you do not need to sign up or sign in to create a gif-animated image.

However, the images you create are watermarked using their site name. In-other to create images without the gif images being watermarked, it’s compulsory you create an account or log into your account.

In my opinion, that extra step of having to create an account or log in is totally worth it. Especially if you do not want people guessing where you got that GIF from.

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