Download / Use Camera 360 app On BlackBerry 10 Phones Like Q5, Q10, Z10, Z3, Z30?

Looking at the title of this post very well, you’d realize a question mark (?) which means it’s more like a question. However, the interesting thing is, it’s not really a question.

It’s a review of the camera 360 app on blackberry 10 phones like Q5, Q10, Z10, Z3, Z10 and Blackberry classic (Z20).

Let’s simply call it, a quick review. Looking further, you’d realize there’s no complexity.

Camera 360 app, as we probably know, is one of the best camera app for android phones and devices. I use this app on my innjoo note in taking most of the selfies and I just got to admit, it rocks.

Blackberry 10 phones on the other hand, it isn’t new that android apps can be installed and launched on the bb10 phone without having to sideload the app or pass through any long process. We’ve often mentioned that. Yes, I know.

Now, let’s focus on the main subject of this post.

Can I Download, Install and Use Camera 360 app on Blackberry 10 phones?

The simple response to this question is YES! Yes, you can download, install and use the camera360 app on blackberry 10 phones like the Q10, Q5, Z20, Z10, and other bb10 devices.

Why this is interesting to know, perhaps I should let you in on something. I just got to admit that the app makes no sense of these devices.

camera360 app

What I mean is, yes you can launch the app on the blackberry 10 phone but the experience isn’t good.

As a matter of fact, pictures tend to be automatically set sideways. Obviously, there’s a guide on the app which promises to help you in setting this properly but it refuses to be centered properly.

Snapping pictures using the inbuilt camera even seem to be better than using the app but in the case of an android phone, it rocks!

Having said all these, my advice would be that you shouldn’t bother downloading or installing the camera 360 app.

Just stick to the inbuilt camera app which apparently, is cool if you know how to adjust it correctly. If however, you still want to try an external app, you are free to.

We’d be more than happy to get your feedback using the comment session.

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