Etisalat / 9Mobile Magic Sim, New Trick and How To Activate

Hello everyone and welcome to another interesting tutorial that aids heavy downloaders on the etisalat network.

It’s the Pay as you Go plan popularly known as PayG and considering how it works, it wouldn’t be bad to term this method as an alternative to Etisalat / 9Mobile Magic SIM.

Now, just before I go further, I just have to admit that I miss the times of the MTN Magic sim.

Although that was last year 2013, I really missed that season. How I wish another similar trick could be unleashed but anyway, heavy downloaders on the Etisalat network can rock this PayG trick.

9Mobile Magic SIM New Activation Trick

Although this is more like an official data plan on the etisalat network, it is only advisable for heavy downloaders.

Common users might end up wasting money considering how it works. Hence, if you are the type who enjoys watching movies or playing games on their devices, this is just the right plan for you.

Steps To Make It Work

==> Migrate your etisalat sim to easycliq as this enables you get free MB whenever you recharge. You can migrate to easycliq package by dialing *229*5*7#. Remember to also subscribe to the PayG plan by dialing *229*5*7#.

==> After successful migration, recharge N100 and you will receive either 5MB or 10MB. You can then commence your browsing and downloading.

==> Usually, connection is made to automatically reset every 55mins. Hence, your download will likely stop at that time.

==> Just disconnect your data connection if on PC and if on mobile devices, just switch off your data network, give some seconds and reconnect.

==> Do this every 55mins in other to continue enjoying the package.

The interesting thing is, this can be used for days with the initial N100 you recharged still intact. The free MB given to you will be reduced to 0.48MB and that will reduce by 10KB after each 55mins till the MB is exhausted.

Please endeavor not to visit anything that has to do with In fact, anywhere you see youtube video, just ran as fast as your network connection can take you and the same is applicable to except if you are tired of rocking the trick and you want your PayG data exhausted within seconds.

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