How To Connect Xiaomi TV SoundBar To Phone Using Bluetooth

Xiaomi recently released the Xiaomi TV SoundBar which is also referred to as a TV speaker. The Xiaomi TV speaker is indeed, good looking for the price it comes at.

The design is pretty basic. A plastic design around every part of the body with a soft cotton material finishing at the front. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with a remote control which to be honest, is a bit of a turn off.

Xiaomi TV soundbar

For the most part, you’d have to reach out to the physical Xiaomi TV SoundBar to turn down or turn up the volume, switch between inputs ET cetera.

Based on the little time I spelt with the Mi TV soundbar, the sound output is relatively good. Again, this is for the price it comes at. In summary, the Xiaomi TV speaker for the price it comes at, is an added functionality you can’t go wrong getting for your television.

However, that’s not the reason we are here. In this post, we will be looking at how to connect a phone to the Xiaomi TV SoundBar using Bluetooth.

Oh yes! The device has a Bluetooth functionality. Unfortunately, it isn’t really smart and that means it doesn’t support Wi-Fi. It’d be really nice if that functionality is included in future mi soundbars from the brand.

Back to the subject on how to connect Xiaomi TV SoundBar to phone using Bluetooth, I was able to do this using an iPhone. If using an Android device, this should be easy to do too.

Same step should apply. Just be sure to follow this guide squarely.

How To Connect Xiaomi TV SoundBar To Phone Using Bluetooth

Step 1. Make sure you turn the bluetooth feature on your phone ON. To do this on your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Toggle the option ON.

Step 2. On the Xiaomi TV SoundBar, press the bluetooth input button. This will bring the Mi soundbar to the bluetooth mode.

Press to turn ON the Xiaomi soundbar bluetooth mode

Step 4. Pair the phone to the Xiaomi TV SoundBar. To pair a new device to the Mi SoundBar, press and hold the bluetooth input button till it begins to blink. When it begins to blink, take your hand off.

Connect phone to xiaomi mi tv soundbar

Step 5. Return back to the bluetooth settings on your phone. At this point, it should display Mi TV SoundBar among the options. Tap on it and after a few seconds, it should display Connected.

Phone connected to Xiaomi MI Soundbar

Your phone has been connected to the Xiaomi TV SoundBar using Bluetooth feature. Now, go ahead and play songs, watch videos, ET cetera. You can also go ahead to try different sound equalizers on your phone to get what really suits the occasion.

Easy, huh?

For the most part, you will get better sound delivery on music playbacks compared to videos or other sound inputs. This however, was my experience using the Mi soundbar for the few moment. Opinions of course, are subject to change.

Features Of Xiaomi Mi TV Soundbar

●Eight sound units for really and pleasant sounds
●Multiple device interfaces for easy connection
●Stylish fabric material design
● Supports wall and seat installation
● Supporting Bluetooth playback

If you have any question regarding the Xiaomi TV SoundBar, do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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