Top 7 Sites Like YIFY TV For Free Movie Streaming and Downloads

Yify TV is an open source website that allows users to stream movies for absolutely free. However, just like other sites on the internet, these sites can become unavailable and for this reason, there is a need for information on streaming sites like YIFY TV.

Asides the site being unavailable at any point, there are possibly other reasons as to why you could be on the lookout for Yify alternatives. Whatever the case is, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve taken the time to compile a list of the top sites like Yify TV. These sites share similar contents like YIFY. This includes Movies and TV shows.

On these sites, users can get to stream movies for free. Movie genre include Action, comedy, Thriller movies, and a whole lot more. Needless to say, you can be sure you’d be finding latest movies on these sites.

Top movie streaming sites like Yify tv

If you feel there is a site that needs to be on this list, please be sure to share with us using the comment session. We will look through and if we find it worthy, we will include it in this post.

Without further ado;

Top 7 Movie Streaming Sites Like YIFY TV

  • MovieTube
  • Putlocker
  • 123Movies
  • CouchTuner
  • Hulu
  • Popcornflix

1. MovieTube

movietube site like yify tv

MovieTube prides as a website that allows users watch movies and TV series online legally. The website indeed, contains a wide list of movies and TV series.

Asides being able to stream movies and TG shows on the movietube website, users can check into the news session to have a feel of what’s happening around the entertainment scene. Entertainment scene in this case, is vastly about movies and TV series.


Coming second in the list of top sites like YIFY TV, is Just like YIFY, has a wide catalog of movies to watch on its platform. These movies are free and being able to steam these movies is as easy and clicking a few buttons.

Asides the content, the layout is similar to that of YIFY hence, making it easy to stream movies without having to go through a lot of work. This is definitely a site to check out.

3. Putlocker

putlocker watch movies and shows online free

Putlocker is a popular name in the world of free movie streaming sites. This site has gained its grounds and it’s really popular among sites to visit to watch movies online for free.

If for whatever reason, you haven’t heard of putlocker before now, you are welcome. Be sure to equally check that out as it deserves being on the list of best yify TV alternatives.

4. 123Movies


123Movies is another household name in the world of free movie sites. The site not only provide movies for users to stream online for free, it also shares TV series. 123Movies, GoMovies or 123Movieshub isn’t network of online streaming sites that allow users to watch movies for free.

There is also a session on the website that allows you request for movies. The website was so popular that it got shut down at a point. That however, didn’t stop the guys behind the platform as they came out with a new name.

5. CouchTuner

couchtuner stream tv shows online

Related to yify TV, is CouchTuner. Just like every other site in this list, CouchTuner is equally popular. With thousands of TV shows and series in its catalog, you can’t go wrong with this one.

CouchTuner exclusively deals more on TV series. Hence, if you are on the look out to stream TV series online for free, this is one site to have on your radar.

6. Hulu


Unlike most sites on this which utilizes pop up ads which can be really annoying, Hulu doesn’t. This however, is because unlike the rest which are completely free to use, Hulu is on the premium side.

Hulu is a platform that allows users to watch original shows and movies for almost free. Yes, you read that right! The website only offers free trial after which, users will be required to pay a monthly fee of $7.99 if they aim to continue using the service. This is totally optional of course.

7. Popcornflix


Last but not the least, is popcornflix. Popcornflix is another open-source website that shares movies and TV series for absolutely free.

The website has got a lot of movies and TV shows in its database. Being able to select between Drama, Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance and other movie genres is easy and can be done right on the homepage.

There is also the new arrivals session which showcases some of the new movies added on the platform. Most popular session is pretty much self-explanatory. Strolling through the website, you can’t get tired as the page refreshes thus bringing new movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure.

That it. That’s some of the top alternatives to Yify TV we can recommend at this time. There are a whole lot more movie streaming site you can find on this page.

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