World4ufree : Worldfree4u Punjabi Movies, Hindi Dubbed Movies

World4ufree is a website that offers free downloads of movies, shows and the likes. Worldfree4u also offer free downloads of latest movies, Punjabi movies, Hindi dubbed movies, Hollywood movies and more.

Sometime back, we talked on some of the best websites to download 300mb movies. Well, world4ufree offers 300mb movies. Not only that, you can also download 720p and 480p movies. There’s a whole lot you can get on the website.

In this post, we will be looking at the current working website URL address as well as all you need to know about the site and how do download from the site.

We will also be sharing some of the latest 2019 movies to download on worldfree4u with links to download them. Hence, please relax and read through all that we have to share here.

World4ufree – Watch Latest Movies and Shows Online

World4ufree website has been around for quite sometime now. The site is even a household name for movie downloads. If you didn’t know about the website before now, well, you are welcome.

world4ufree download latest movies, shows worldfree4u

On World4ufree, you can watch or download Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Hindi dubbed movies, movies snows and more.

Use of the website is easy and navigation is fluid. However, just like most movie related sites, you’d have to deal with pop up ads every now and then.

The homepage of the site, you’d be shown some recent videos. This can consist of shows and movies. If you are a fan of WWE wrestling shows, this website has got you covered.

Under the recent videos session, are movies that are recently updated. This can vary from latest 2019 movies to older movies that just got updated.

Features Of World4uFree

World4ufree brings the following features to the table:

  • Latest movie updates. Movies on the website are often updated. Older movies are equally updated as soon as better quality becomes available.
  • Different download servers to choose from. Just like sites like Goojara and even FZ, world4ufree tend to share videos on different servers. Hence, if one server is non-operational or slow, you can choose to download from another server.
  • Easy of use. The website doesn’t have too much going on around the design. It’s a simple layout which anyone who has a phone or computer, should be able to navigate through.
  • Different video quality options. Videos are available in different qualities. This can range from 480p to 720p and even 1080p.
  • Easy search. With the search function on the website, users can easily search for their favourite movies to download with ease. If you have a movie or show in mind, simply type it into the search box and if it’s available in their index, you should find it.
  • Huge catalog of movies and shows. World4ufree as at the time of writing this, has over 26,000 movies and shows in its catalog. Now, you will argue with me that there’s a whole lot.

Having mentioned the features, let’s look at some facts that concerns the website.

Is World4uFree Safe To Use?

When it comes to use of websites, security is important. You want to be sure you are safe while using that website.

For this reason, we tested to know if it’s safe for use. We tested using securi site check and below is the result.

world4ufree site scan

According to, isn’t exactly safe to use. This is as a result of the fact that the website has malware.

What does this mean?

This means that if you still decide to use the website, you should be really careful. Watch out for app, exe or any suspected file downloads.

Although I was still able to download from the site without any problem, you really should be careful so you don’t end up getting your device infected.

Site Uses SSL Certificate

Despite the security risk detected by securi, it’s necessary to mention that world4ufree uses SSL certificate.

This means that passwords, forms filled ET cetera, is secured. The use of SSL certificates on sites in 2019, is a necessity and it’s nice seeing that this website plays by that rule.

World4ufree offers tons of movies and shows to be watched or downloaded for free. Since it’s illegal to share these contents without written permission from the owner, it is safe to say that the website indeed does infringe on copyright laws.

Your use of the website can be considered same. For the most part, it is recommended that you use VPNs if this is a crime in your jurisdiction. Even better, you should avoid it and instead, consult services like Netflix for your movie streaming and download needs.

Having mentioned that, let’s look at some of latest movies you can watch or download on the site.

Latest Movies On World4ufree

Below are some of the latest movies you can download from world4ufree website.

1. The Wandering Earth
2. Captain Marvel
3. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
4. Alita: Battle Angel
5. Glass
6. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
7. Escape Room
8. Extreme Job
9. Isn’t it romantic
10. Alita: Battle Angel
11. FIghting With My Family
12. Happy Death Day
13. What Men Want
14. Serenity
15. The Kid Who Would Be King
16. Sugar Rush

How To Download World4ufree Movies and Shows

  • Visit the current working website –
  • Search or select the movie or show you’d like to download
  • When the movie page opens, scroll down and find the watch online links and single download links
  • To watch the movie or show online, click on any the links below watch online
  • To download the movie, click on any of the links below the single download links option.

That’s it. That’s how to download movies and shows on world4ufree website.

If that’s a bit complicated for you, here is a video showing how to download from the website.

Worldfree4u – Quality Movies, Hollywood, South Hindi Dubbed

Confused? Don’t be. Worldfree4u and world4ufree are actually different websites with almost similar names.

The purpose however, is same. Worldfree4u also offers free downloads of movies and shows.

On worlddree4u website, there are different categories of movies you can watch and these includes:

  • Bollywood 300mb movies
  • Bollywood 720p movies
  • Dual audio 300mb movies
  • Dual audio 720p movies
  • Hollywood 720p movies
  • Hollywood 300mb movies
  • Cartoon and animated 720p
  • South Hindi dubbed 720p movies
  • Punjabi Movies 720p
  • Bengali Movies 720p
  • Tamil Movies 720p

You will agree with me that, that’s a lot.

As at the time of writing this, worldfree4u has over 6000 movies and shows in its catalog. That’s clearly a little behind what the first website offers.

This however, is as at a result of the information available about this website.

Worldfree4u Website Details

According to the whois record, was registered on the 1st of January, 2018 (01/01/2018). That’s just over a year ago.

The website is built under the WordPress CMS and currently has the Genesis theme installed.

Despite the website being launched in January, 2018, it has over 6000 movies and shows in its catalog already.

The worldfree4u website is also often updated hence, you can be sure you’d find latest movies and shows for your viewing pleasure on the website.

You should consider this as an alternative to world4ufree for latest movies and TV shows downloads.

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