How To Uninstall Kingroot From Android And Keep/Remove Root [100% Working]

Rooting an android phone is something most users are used to and one of the best apps for rooting android, is Kingroot.

Kingroot has been in the rooting business for quite a really long time now. We have a few tutorials on this blog that even shares how to root various android devices using the application.

For those who do not know, rooting entails bypassing security and granting root privilege to the end-user. When an android device gets rooted, there’s a lot more you can do. You can customize the device even to the root level. You can use different rooting apps as well as uninstall stock apps and more.

However, this comes with a price – A bridge of security.

how to uninstall kingroot on android and remove/keep root access

There are a few reasons as to why you should consider uninstall kingroot on your android phone and we will be looking at some.

Reasons To Uninstall Kingroot From Android

1. Rooting Voids Warranty

Most OEMs often mention that rooting voids warranty and as such, if the device gets bad within the warranty stage, you won’t be able to get the device fixed because it has been rooted.

The solution to this however, would be unrooting the android phone, and thereafter uninstalling the kingroot application. At this point, you want to make sure you not only uninstall kingroot app, but also remove root privilege.

2. Bricks Phone

We’ve talked about this in a few articles already shared here. As much as rooting can be fun, if there is no special reason for you to root your android device, then you probably shouldn’t.

We’ve seen a few causes where rooting the phone bricks the phone. How? Although rooting goes successfully and doesn’t really affect the phone. But, when a software update becomes available and you choose to update, it could brick the phone. We’ve seen this play out a few times. Although fixing the bricked phone is doable, it’s another long process and you most likely will lose all your files in the process.

3. Bridges Security

The way rooting apps works is, they look for lapses on your device, they look for loopholes and thus, root the phone through that process. These loopholes are being patched from time to time courtesy of android updates and that’s why people’s devices get bricked when they try updating.

Knowing these rooting apps look for loopholes and your phone could get bricked during the course of updating, you are left with the option of not updating. By so doing, your phone isn’t getting updates that patch security.

Of course, there are other reasons to as why rooting isn’t advised. But again, there are benefits to rooting. As earlier mentioned, except the need is super important, you should stay off rooting.

Having mentioned these, let’s look at how to remove root on android using kingroot. Please note that you can only remove root using this app if the root was done using the app in the first place.

How To Uninstall Kingroot On Android

Uninstalling kingroot on android is easy and straight to the point. With this option, you can also choose to keep root, or remove root.

Uninstall Kingroot and Keep Root

To uninstall kingroot app and keep root, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings on the android device
  • Scroll down and select Apps or Installed Apps (depending on the android OEM and version)
  • Find kingroot among the apps and tap on it.
  • Under the kingroot app menu, select Uninstall. uninstall kingroot app and keep rootWhen the prompt displays, select OK.

That’s it. You’ve successfully uninstalled the kingroot app and leaving the root privilege. With this, your phone is still prone to the issues mentioned above. The only difference is the app not being on your phone.

Uninstall Kingroot and Remove Root

This method will uninstall the app and equally remove the root privilege. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Kingroot app
  • Tap on the options icon and select SettingsKingroot app settings to uninstall app and remove root access
  • Under kingroot settings, select Uninstall Kingrootuninstall kingroot
  • A prompt will be displaying indicating “After unroot, you will lose root access“. Select Continue.Unroot kingroot successfully
  • After that, a warning indicating that removing may cause system unstable, do you want to continue? Make sure you untick Keep a root backup and select OK.
  • Give it a few seconds and you will get a notification stating that root access has been removed.

Noticed the app is still on your phone? Not to worry, simply revert back to the step of uninstalling the app shared above and the app should be uninstalled completely.

That’s it. You’ve successfully uninstalled kingroot app and remove root access. Pretty simple, right?

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