Mozat Mobile Messenger : Download Application, Ping and Chat Live With Friends

Like I have always emphasized, the internet is turning to a better place every now and then as new inventories are being unleashed.

Mozat is another new mobile messenger application aimed to aid pinging on even java phones. Now the word pinging isn’t specified for just blackberry users.

mozat messenger

Yes, whatsapp first made the word “pinging” available to Nokia, android users but it was restricted to some mobile platforms like Nokia S40. Although a version for s40 users was released but restricted to the new s40 phones like Nokia X2, and other new models.

The mobile messaging app is one application that has made pinging available to all mobile platforms like JAVA, SYMBIAN, OS, ANDROID, BLACKBERRY, and Others. Now, i can finally ping on my small Nokia java device.

One amazing feature about the mozat software is that it combines most features of whatsapp messenger, 2go messenger, Facebook, mig33 etc to form its own.

Download Mozat Application

In other to download mozat mobile software, visit and click the download link.

Al-through, i don’t know if this application can be used on PC but when it becomes available, be rest assured I am going to keep you updated.

My PIN is M134MT6

Download Mozat Software Handler Version (jar.)

Mozat software handler is more advanced as it gives you the ability to add a trick.

Let’s say, for instance, the software you downloaded from its main site isn’t working on your device probably because of the network. And so, it requires a few tricks to make it work. But, mozat software downloaded from does not give room for network adjustment settings. That is where the handler version comes to play an important role.

More so, Using the mozat software handler version if good in network tricks can allow you to chat for free on mozat application without being charged a dime by your network service provider.

To download the handler version of this software, visit and click on Download.

My Pin is M134MT6, feel free to add me.

Hope this helps.

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This content was originally written in 2011. That was years back. Apparently, Mozat is no longer in use. At least, not in this part of the world. Hence, we are closing support-related questions to this topic.

As described in the post, the handler typically gives you the option of being able to browse for free and do other tricks. In this time and age, finding free browsing cheat is as difficult as trying to get hold of a mosquito. We are not saying free browsing tricks are not in existence anymore, we are simply saying it’s very difficult to come across these days.

There are a lot of data options now. There are even a few unlimited browsing solutions. However, these come with a pretty pricey price tag. But at least, you get the option to do whatever you like for a whole period of time without being restricted.

Besides, the mobile messaging app is a java application. Who still uses java phones as their main phone in this time and age? There are a handful of relatively affordable android phones in the market.

Too much talk, right? I know! All we are saying is, get over Mozat. It’s old. There are loads of better options now that are way better compared to what you aim to experience using Mozat. I can’t sell any to you at the moment. Perhaps, if you can state your (intended) use for Mozat, we can recommend something better.


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