Fix Infinix Hot Note Won’t Power On After Trying To Flash Using SP Flash Tool

Still on the topic that has to do with repairing a bricked Infinix hot note phone, we’d like to let you in on the concluding part which has to do with tips on what to do when your Infinix hot note or any other MTK phone refuses to turn on.

On the post where we talked exclusively on how to unbrick a bricked Infinix hot note device, we made mention of the fact that our Infinix hot note phone went on coma for like 4 days. This happened after there was an interruption in the flashing process using SP Flash tool.

Based on researches so far, our experience wasn’t special. The phone won’t turn on if there is an interruption in the flashing process. Hence, you shouldn’t say RIP to your Infinix hot note android phone just yet, the phone just needs to cool off.

Fix Infinix android MTK powered Phone not turning on

While you are wondering how to fix the sudden refusal to turn on, please note that the tips we are going to be laying out here ain’t for Infinix hot note alone, it’s virtually for every MTK android phone. Hence, if you experience same issue with your tecno phone, innjoo, Gionee or any other MTK phone, just follow the tips below:

Tips To Fix MTK Android Phone Not Turning On

Android phones released these days often comes in two variants based on battery. Removing and non removable.

While most people often think phones with removable batteries are easier to work with, pretty much can be done on the non-removable battery. To be fair, I’ll be sharing tips relating to using both types of infinix android phones.

For Removable Phone Batteries

  • If the battery is removable, you should remove the battery for a while and then fix it back and charge afterwards.
  • You can also try using a desktop charger in boasting the battery and continue charging using the phone.
  • It might take consistent charging before the phone decides to power on.

For Non-Removable Phone Batteries

Like in the case of the Infinix hot note, the battery is non-removable.

  • In such case, you should try charging using your computer for a few hours before reverting back to power outlet. You can continue doing this at intervals.
  • If opportune, leave the phone on charge for longer periods and if after doing this for like two days and there’s no improvements, keep the phone for like 2 days without charging. After that, you can try turning on and hopefully, the device might turn on.

When the device turns on, leave it to charge for like an hour before commencing the flashing process again and this time, make sure there is no interruption during the flashing process.

In my case, it took like 4 days before the device revived back and I made sure there was no interruption when commencing the flashing process and everything worked fine. Device is still working very well till date. If you happen to still experience any issues, please do not hesitate to use the comment session and we’d respond as soon as we can.

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