How To Download and Use Firefox OS on Android Phones

I have often said this and I will continue saying it. If you are looking at getting a smart phone you can always choose to experiment with and easily customize to what suits you, an android phone is highly recommended.

There are a lot you can do on an android phone. Changing IMEI, changing fonts easily, test running different operating systems via launchers, Using Custom ROMs, rooting,  et cetera.

Earlier before now, we had talked on using Lumia launcher on an android phone which gives your phone a feel of a windows operating system running on an android phone. Using that launcher, people would think you are using a Nokia Lumia phone.

If you are looking at experimenting with something different, here is the Firefox OS which you can test run on your android phone.

Download and Use Firefox OS on Android Phones

Just before we go into details on how to install Firefox OS on android phones, let’s point out the requirements.


  • Your android phone does not require rooting. If you have already rooted it, that’s fine.
  • B2GDroid apk file. You can download from HERE.

If you are interested in seeing what the Firefox Operating system looks like on an android phone before choosing to install it, here are some screenshots.

Firefox OS running on android phone Firefox OS mainscreen firefox OS notification tray firefox OS browser firefox OS settings Firefox OS device info


  • Install the downloaded B2GDroid apk file.
  • Since there is no option to open after installation, simply go back to the home screen. If an option to select launcher shows up, select Firefox OS.
  • In my opinion, I would advise you select the just once option when selecting the launcher. This is to enable you test run how effective the OS will work on your phone. Choosing the always option will give you a tougher time to revert back to the stock launcher as it will be required of you to uninstall the app.
  • If there are no options of selecting a default launcher when you tap the home button, restart your phone. After reset is complete, you should get an option to select a default launcher.

Remember to try using the just once option when selecting the Firefox OS on your android phone so that it would be much easier to revert back to the stock launcher.

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