HSDPA USB Universal Modem : How to Make It Connect To Internet

HSDPA USB Universal Modem – When it comes to surfing on a PC, it actually require an internet connection and that’s where a modem comes to play a role.

What a Modem?

A modem is a device that serves as a medium to connect your computer to the internet  and of course, a computer cannot surf the internet without an internet connectivity.

Well, let’s not go into much talks.

I  want to teach or show you how you can actually connect your HSDPA USB MODEM to the internet.

How To Make HSDPA USB Universal Modem Connect To The Internet

Now i will assume you already have your USB MODEM and i would want to use MTN as an example here.

  • Connect your USB MODEM to your PC USB Port. It automatically detects and brings up the set up window. If it doesn’t, please refer to the Modem Installation Manual for instructions on how to install the device.
  • Locate FILE  at the top left of the window to bring down  a pop down options
  • Click Settings, and click New
  • Set it up using the following parameters (remember we are using MTN as an example)
 Name: MTN
Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
  • Click OK twice
  • Now click connect
HSDPA USB Universal Modem set up
universal usb modem window

That’s it.

Please Remember this tutorial is just for universal modems using MTN

If you intend using Airtel, configure using the Airtel APN settings here. Same can be done for glo. Just use APN as gloflat or glosecure. More details on how to configure glo internet can be found here.

Guess what I am trying to say is, make sure you use the correct settings of your network configuration. Most importantly, the APN. You can do away with the other settings.

If You  ready  have a  network modem and wish to unlock it to use any network sim, please send your modem IMEI  number to 090——– along with N500 recharge airtime so  that i help you u unlock it and send you the unlock code.


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