3 Ways To Activate / Configure/ Set Up Airtel SIMS For Internet browsing

By default, Airtel sims are not pre-activated for browsing the internet unlike MTN and etisalat. What this means is that, you will need to activate the Airtel sim to make it surf the internet especially if it’s a new sim.

Now, there are three (3) steps or ways to activating or setting up your Airtel sims for browsing. These includes;

  • Customer care
  • Text message
  • Activating online.

Activate Airtel SIMs For Internet Browsing Via Customer Care

This is perhaps, the first option that comes to mind. People often contact customer care service for simple issues they can fix by simply doing an online search. Or, asking people in the know-how that are close to them.

Activate airtel sims for internet browsing

You can choose to activate your Airtel sims for browsing by simply calling Airtel’s customer care service on 111 and choosing to talk with one of their agents, who will help you out.

The method is fast. Wouldn’t term it easy as sometimes, the network could be congested.

Set Up Airtel SIM For Browsing Via Text Message

This is another faster way of getting your airtel sim positioned for internet service or browsing. To do this, simply text the kind of service you want to activate space phone name space model and send to 232.

For example, text “internet Nokia N92” and send to 232. Nokia N92 in this case, is the phone being used. If you happen to use a different smartphone (E.G Android), you should specify the precise android phone. For example, Infinix HOT 5.

However, in most cases and with the development in mobile technology, your phone should automatically be detected. With this, you’d most likely receive the correct internet settings for your specific phone. Be sure to save it when it arrives.

Configure Airtel SIMs online For Browsing

If you ask me, i would say this is the fastest way to get your airtel sim positioned for internet services. Why? Because it’s done online and the settings will be sent immediately to your phone. To do this, visit dmc.ng.airtel.com and follow the instructions on the.

Following any of the steps above, your Airtel sim should be positioned for internet services. Simply make sure you are subscribed to an active data plan on the Airtel network, turn on the DATA connection and enjoy surfing.

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