Simple Guide To Get Or Find Instagram User ID Number From Username

Being able to get or find Instagram username is easy. As a matter of fact, this is clearly visible on your profile. Finding the username of other Instagram users is also easy and can also be accessed from everyone’s profile.

But, what about User ID?

User ID is a bit different. Unlike username which is manually set, user ID on Instagram is automatically set. The number is equally unique to a Instagram user.

Instagram User ID is necessary for developing an app, utility or tool related to Instagram. There are other reasons as to why this is needed. However, for basic things like viewing full size Instagram profile picture, you only need the username.

How To Find Instagram User ID

Although there are quite a number of ways to find Instagram User ID number from username, we are going to be looking at two methods.

One requires using an online tool while the other, a bit more advanced, require adding a suffix to the address bar on the username URL.

Seem complicated?

It’s actually easy. In this post, we will be showing you the different methods to doing this. But first, let’s start with the simplest method.

Method 1: Use An Online Tool

This is the simplest guide to getting your Instagram user-id. There are quite a handful of online tools for doing this however, we will be looking at one which works.

1. Get your username or that of the person whose user ID you want to find. This can be done from the profile URL if using a browser or via the Instagram app.

2. Head over to the Instagram User ID finder tool – Visit web tool. Type in or paste the Instagram username into the text box that states “Enter Instagram Username“. Next, click or tap on Get user ID.

Find instagram user ID using instagram user ID finder online tool

3. After a few seconds, your User ID number should be displayed.

instagram user ID found

You can thereafter, choose to copy user ID, or visit Instagram profile.

The tool works well for both public and private Instagram accounts. Hence, regardless of the account restrictions (as long as its still accessible), you can still get the ID number using the tool.

Method 2: Use Manual Method

This is necessary In case you want to be a bit more technical. If you ain’t into codes, you should stick to the first method. If however, you want to get your hands dirty, let’s get started!

1. Open the Instagram website using a browser. This can be any browser or your choice

2. On your profile page or that of the account whose ID you want to find, look at the URL in the address bar.

This will look something like this: In my case, this is

3. Now, add ?__a=1 to the end or the URL. That way, the URL will become

Now, hit enter.

4. When the page opens, you will find a lot of data. Use Ctrl + For or use the find feature on your preferred browser. Search for profilepage_.

5. Now, look closely at the numbers after that search term. That’s the User ID number.

manual method to get instagram user-id

Go ahead, copy and use it for whatever purpose you want to use it for.

Of course, for this to work, login isn’t required and it works on both private and public Instagram accounts.

That’s it, guys. That’s how to find Instagram user ID number from username. Hope this worked well for you? If so, do us the favor of sharing this information using the share buttons below.

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