[Confirmed] Download Instagram IGTV For Windows PC and Mac

On this post, we will be teaching you how to download Instagram IGTV for windows PC and Mac. We will also be giving you a quick guide on how to use the new service on your computer.

Instagram a couple of weeks back, introduced IGTV service to its product. The new service is aimed at competing with YouTube.

How? You may ask.

Well, as you know, YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform. In same vein, Instagram is the most popular multimedia sharing platform. And by multimedia, we are making reference to pictures and videos.

IGTV which means Instagram TV, isn’t really different from what Instagram currently offers. The new addition in this case, is the ability to post longer videos. Users can watch videos of their favorite creators right on the app without having to navigate to another video platform like YouTube.

Download Instagram IGTV for windows PC and Mac

By default, on Instagram, users can only upload a video duration of 1 minute at maximum. However, with IGTV, there is no limit to the time duration of videos you can upload. This simply means that on IGTV, you can upload even a one hour long video. Really cool, huh?

The IGTV service is integrated into Instagram. There is even a standalone app which quite frankly, I haven’t felt the need to use. Reason being that, the IGTV icon is rightly positioned at the right side of the Instagram app header. Hence, if the need to watch videos on IGTV arises, I could just tap on that button and enjoy.

Videos on the platform are based on people you follow and those that might interest you. Hence, don’t be surprised if you end up finding more videos than you bargained for.

The icon can also be seen on profiles of users who have uploaded to the IGTV platform. That way, you can simply navigate to the profile of your favorite creator and view their latest IGTV videos.

Unlike the video quality being compressed when ordinarily uploaded to Instagram profile, the video quality on IGTV are more presentable and the audio quality is also good too.

With the IGTV standalone application available on both Android and iOS, being able to run IGTV on a computer is a lot easier. You can install Instagram IGTV for windows PC and Mac.

The IGTV for PC works without problems on Desktop computers and laptops. Instagram IGTV can be used on windows 7, Windows 8, windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Mac OD and Mac OS Mojave which currently, is the latest Mac operating system.

The steps below will guide you through how to download, install IGTV on PC and upload your favorite videos for your followers to watch.

Download Instagram IGTV For Windows PC and Mac

1. Download and install your favorite emulator. There are quite a number to choose from. For the sake of ease, use the following links

2. Install the downloaded emulator and when complete, launch the emulator.

3. Open My Apps > System Apps > Google Play Store.

4. Locate the Google play store app and launch it.

5. In the Play Store app, search for IGTV. When found, install the application.

6. Now, navigate to my apps or all apps and find IGTV.

7. Open the IGTV app and log in using your correct Instagram credentials. Go ahead and create your channel thereafter, upload your videos.

That’s it. That’s how to download Instagram IGTV for windows and Mac.

If however, you do not want to through go having to navigate through the play store app, there’s an alternative. Simply download the IGTV Android APK app here and manually install it on your Android emulator.

Being able to use Instagram IGTV for windows and PC using the method above, works in same format as required on mobile phone. With that app installed on your computer, you can also view other videos on IG TV which has its full meaning to be Instagram Television.

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There are currently no customization options when uploading to this service. All that is required, is to add a title and description. Your followers and anyone who finds the video, can like and comment to appreciate your videos. The preferred IGTV video format should be in portrait mode. Landscape videos works equally too.

Hope this answers your query regarding how to download Instagram IGTV for windows PC and Max? Questions? Please do not hesitate to ask.

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