[100% Working] Show Battery Percentage On iPhone XS and XS Max

On this post, we will be looking at how to show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS and XS Max. The new iPhone XS and XS Max are the newest smart phones to the Apple line of smart phones.

These phones were launched precisely on the 12th of September, 2018 and as expected, comes with some new features. Probably not enough features to make it distinctive from the iPhone X released last year, it worth noting that there’s something new at least.

With these new phones, comes new problems. One of such is the inability to view the battery percentage in the battery status bar. Most people are searching for how to show battery percentage on iPhone XS and XS Max and that’s what this post is about.

how to show battery percentage on iPhone XS and XS Max

Prior to the release of the new phones, being able to view battery percentage in the status bar on iPhones have always been a thing. However, the notch on the new iPhones came with this hindrance.

Prior to the notch, iPhone users can activate the option to display battery percentage on the status bar by following the simple guide below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Battery
  • Toggle Battery Percentage ON

Although this has always been the steps to show battery percentage in the status bar even on older iOS versions, it is still valid on the latest OS update being iOS 12.

The notch on smart phones in 2018, is something that has come to stay. This is geared towards getting rid of chins and thus, making room for a bezel-less experience. However, on iPhone and most smart phones, this comes with a price.

The notch isn’t there just for fancy. It’s a spot that houses the camera and other important sensors. A walk around this, is a motorized smart phone like the Oppo Find X. However, this is probably not something that will be lasting the test of time.

Due to the notch, there is little to no space to pack in a lot of stuff in the status bar. Especially on the iPhone.

On the iPhone XS and XS Max, there is a digital clock appearing in the left-hand slot, and the cellular, WiFi signal strengths and the battery remaining all crammed together into the right-hand spot. Of course, no indicator in the middle as this is covered with the notch.

Courtesy of this, there is no room for battery to be displayed in percentage format as we have on older iPhones. What you have is just the regular graphic battery icon indicating how much power juice is left. For some of us, we prefer percentage display to just a graphical icon. This leaves us with the question of;

Steps To Display Battery Percentage On iPhone XS and XS Max

Having discussed the situation at hand and why battery isn’t displayed as percentage in the status bar by default, let’s discuss how to go around this.

To simple way around how to show battery percentage on iPhone XS and XS Max is to use the control center.

Above the various controls and toggles on the screen, the status bar is pulled down from the top hence, giving room for enough space to expand the battery status shown in graphical icon and a percentage figure attached as it is on older iPhones without notch.

iphone xs battery percentage displayed in status bar

Other than using that method, there is also the step of having to plug the phone to a power source to have the graphic battery indicator and battery percentage displayed.

Unlike on older iPhones without a notch where you have to turn on the battery percentage indicator option, this is activated by default on the latest iPhones.

To make it easier to read and understand, to show battery percentage on iPhone XS and XS Max with notch, follow the steps below:

  • Tap the top right horn from the battery icon
  • Swipe down to address the control center. The battery percentage should be displayed at the top right in the control center.
  • After confirming the amount of battery left in percentage style, swipe up to dismiss the control center.

That’s it. You have successfully been able to confirm and have the battery percentage displayed in the status of your iPhone XS or XS Max.

Alternatively, simply connect your iPhone to a power source and the current battery level will be shown as well as the percentage of the battery.

Hope that answers your question in regards how to display battery percentage on iPhone XS and XS Max? Questions? Do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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