Why is the iPhone so Popular?

The iPhone is unarguably one of the most popular mobile smart phone in 2020. The company, Apple, has over the years, maintained the stand at being one of the most popular smartphone with iOS being another well known mobile operating system asides Android.

The first IPhone was released in 2007. Since then, its success has been massive, with more than 100 million products sold within the four years of its initial launch. One of Apple’s basic advantages in their iPhones is that it allows good control over the software and hardware, allowing the phone to operate in an alliance.

The fundamental reason for the iPhone’s popularity stems from its multi-dimensional functionality. As a matter of fact, the iPhone is not only a device to receive and make calls. It is so much more as it is also a portable media player, your computer, and game console.

Why is the iPhone so Popular

Let’s look at the essential features that make the iPhone stand out from its counterparts.


If you compare the iPhone’s design with any smartphone, you will realize that it is significantly different. The front design of the iPhone comprises a single button that displays the main menu of the device. With the passing years, the design of the iPhone has been undergoing subtle yet crucial changes.

Take the IPhone X, for instance and other iPhones that has been released after. You are more likely to notice the removal of the home button. Simultaneously, the display height of this iPhone version has been increased upto 20%. This subtle yet crucial change in the iPhone X display allows you to create amazing artboards in Sketch.

The striking design of the Apple iPhones has contributed significantly to the tremendous success of the manufacturers.


The iPhone runs a dual-core A4 processor. The acceleration capabilities of this device are integrated with 3D graphics. The iPhone also has sufficient RAM to power portable gaming systems. For instance, if you want to run Sony PSP, you can effectively do so via iPhone as its power compares to a game console. This is why customers prefer purchasing an iPhone, rather than purchasing a fame station, such as the PSP or the Nintendo DS. This feature of the iPhone is unbeatable concerning smartphones.

The integration of hardware and software is also better for iPhones. This integration has given Apple a tremendous advantage in the phone industry.

There are certain things that an iPhone can pull off, but its counterparts cannot do so. One such example can be the Face ID, which allows the user to securely login to their iPhones while using a 3D scan. This is done through the TrueDepth sensor. Various companies have actually tried to copy and launch this Face ID into their phone systems. However, they have failed to succeed.

Another example of the iPhone’s integration of hardware and software is Animoji and Memoji. These work amazingly seamless together. The AR Emoji of Samsung looks like it is not even halfway there with their hardware and software integration.

Amazing Multimedia Features

As mentioned before, the iPhone allows a wide array of functionalities. You might use it instead of an iPod. With an iPhone, you can access iTunes free of charge. That said, you can synchronize audio and video content from your PC via your iPhone.

You don’t have to look up your laptop for all files and access anything anytime and anywhere. Did you know that the iPod has been the world’s most popular media player? You will find millions of consumers using and roaming iTunes comfortable from the interface of their iPods.

They also use this interface to manage their music and media libraries. This is why iPod users are more likely to purchase iPhones whenever they look up a new phone. You might want to check out this Gorilla IPhone’s website and know more about their amazing designs.

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