Toast Vs. Cake POS: Which One is a Better Software?

When it comes to POS systems, there are so many options to choose from. Several pos companies and providers have created POS systems that promise to make your business’s operations go smoothly. Two of these POS companies are the Toast and CAKE POS systems.

According to, POSQuote.Com, these two companies are very popular, especially in the United States. each of them is also used by thousands of businesses worldwide. In this article, you discover which is the right brand for your business and better software.

What are the features of the Toast POS Software?

The Toast POS system was launched in 2012. Toast provides restaurant owners with a wide variety of POS hardware and software to serve customers and manage operations. These services also include processing payments hosting transactions overseeing employees, and promoting stronger customer relationships.

Toast Vs. Cake POS

The features of the Toast POS software include:

  1. 1
  • you can upload a digital version of your menu with images and update it in real-time.
  • You can also create subcategories for dinner, lunch desserts, and appetizers.
  • This integration also enables you to automate menu updates and pricing changes based on the time of day.
  • It also enables you to monitor your most popular items, top-selling items, and food cost percentage.

2. Ordering

  • You can place orders through tablets or self-service kiosks.
  • You can also split checks.
  • It also enables you to perform voids and discounts
  • You can also add special instructions to order.
  • This integration also enables you to send a server a notification when dishes are ready to be served.
  • It also enables you to accept tableside payments.

3. Online Ordering for items sold separately

  • You can update online menus or through your POS system
  • you can also link your existing websites to your POS system for customers that want to order online.
  • It enables you to throttle online orders when the kitchen is occupied.
  • You can make digital payments through Toast’s payment processor
  • You can also adjust your pickup and delivery times.

4. Employee management

  • With this POS system, you can implement user-based permissions.
  • You can also assign service to specific tables with this POS system.
  • This system also helps you create employee schedules and track time.
  • It also comes with a clock-in clock-out function.
  • It also helps you shift to break down reports.
  • It also helps you process your payrolls.

5. Tipping

  • The app comes with a built-in slip request during payments.
  • You can also reconcile tips with this POS system.

6. Receipts

  • You can send receipts to your customers through emails or texts
  • You can also print paper receipts.

7. Customer Relationship Management

  • With the Toast POS software, you can save your customers’ contacts and other information.
  • It also helps you send customized marketing messages and promotions.
  • The Toast POS software also comes with a caller ID.
  • It also enables you to order and distributes branded gift cards.

8. Inventory Management

  • This software gives you real-time updates on your inventory
  • It also enables you to places cost and inventory differences.
  • It also enables your customers to place purchase orders.

9. Delivery (sold separately)

  • With the Toast POS software, you can set delivery zones and standardize delivery fees.
  • You can also assign deliveries to specific drivers to speed up deliveries.
  • It also enables you and your customers to track the progress of each delivery

10. Loyalty programs (sold separately)

  • You can set up a loyalty program that allows your customers to earn points or rewards when they spend money at your restaurant. These rewards can then be redeemed for discounts at the checkout.

11. Reporting

  • This integration gives You net sales reports.
  • You also get gratuity reports.
  • Table turn time reports
  • Payment method reports
  • it also gives you customize reports that are designed to monitor specific metrics.

12. Integrations

  • The Toast POS software can is compatible with about 50 different third-party apps.

13. Customer Service

  • With Toast, you get access to 24/7 phone support
  • You also have access to on-site installation and training (sold separately)

What are the features of the Toast POS hardware?

A pos system cannot function without hardware. Toast is majorly a reseller of third-party POS hardware, and they can be bought directly on the Toast website. Toast software is also compatible with other POS hardware; however, you can only use the software with Android devices.

If you choose the Toast POS system, you also have to use the Toast payment processing. Although Toast doesn’t specify their credit card processing fees, they mention that they have fair and competitive rates without any hidden fees. This means that your payment processing rates will be quote-based.

What is the price of the Toast POS system

apart from payment processing fees, trust has a monthly software subscription that starts at $79 and increases by $50 for every additional POS terminal you use. The loyalty program costs $25, while the gift card and ordering programs cost an additional $50 per month for each.

For the POS hardware, Toast sells its POS hardware in bundles or individually. The bundles start at $450 for a handheld tablet bundle or 1350 dollars for a terminal bundle. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What is the Cake POS System

The Cake is a restaurant POS and management system, and it integrates with several popular Solutions like QuickBooks zero and PayPal to effectively manage your business. The cake POS system comes with an offline mode to reduce downtime if your internet connection goes off. You can also add online ordering to social media and your website via the cake POS system.

What are the features of the Cake POS system?

1. Software

The CAKE POS system software offers the following integrations:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Menu customization
  • Online ordering
  • Reporting

2. For Guest Managers

  • POS integration
  • Guest profiles
  • Online reservations
  • Wait time texting
  • Custom table maps
  • Guest feedback

3. Online Ordering 

  • With the cake POS system, you can easily process your customer’s orders online and receive payments as well.
  • You can also integrate your POS system with your social media platforms.

What is the price of the Cake POS system

The cake POS hardware starts at $69 per month. The complete package starts at $138 per month, and this includes a three-year contract for the hardware and a 2-year software subscription, which is also $69 per month. The guest management software starts at $79 per month plus a one-time charge of $199. 


The Toast and Cake POS systems are excellent for your business. However, with these features outlined in this article, you can choose the better POS system that will suit your business’ unique needs.

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