TuneIn Radio App : Listen To Online Radio Stations On iPhone, Android, Blackberry

The fact that your smart phone does not have inbuilt radio functionality is no longer a reason for you not to listen to radio stations on the phone.

Reason being that, there are some amazing apps which allows you listen to radio stations all over the world and one of those apps is tunein Radio App.

I am a fan of radio. Yes, I’d love listening to radio stations during leisure and my best program is Music.

If you have been following me for a long time then you would have known that I am a music lover and the radio is one of the quickest medium of listening to latest songs.

tunein radio allows you listen to online radio stations on your iPhone, android and blackberry phone

Currently, there are a lot of apps which facilitate being able to listen and enjoy music 24 hours on the go. Examples of such app is Spotify and it can be used in unsupported countries with a trick.

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My sony ericsson Xperia X10 android phone does not have an inbuilt radio functionality neither does my blackberry bold 2 or my blackberry tablet. That means I am shut out of the door of being able to listen to radio on the go right?

Technically yes, but it was only during the time I felt lazy to do some real research.

It’s amazing how being bored can actually make you discover some new things. Even through I have been hearing people talk about being able to listen to radio stations on a non inbuilt radio smart phone like most blackberry devices, iPhone and android, I never believed until I had the chance to try it out myself.

Recently, I went searching for some radio apps on Google Play Store on my android.

There were loads of apps displayed but of course I cannot download all the apps hence, I had to download just two of which I think were cool; Audials and TuneIn Radio.

Upon launching Audials, the app never seemed to work on my android phone, it always crash upon launching hence, I have not used it and i am thinking of deleting it soon but TuneIn Radio on the other hand, has always worked fine for me.

What Is TuneIn Radio App?

TuneIn Radio App is an application that allows you listen to radio stations online from anywhere around the world.

The app is enriched with loads of amazing features. One spectacular thing about this app is that, I can be in Nigeria and listen to radio stations in the united states. How cool is that?!

Can TuneIn Radio App Work On Android, Blackberry And iPhone Devices?

I have only tried this app on my android phone and it works well. I am still yet to download it on my blackberry, although doing research on Google kinda makes me believe it can work on blackberry and iPhone devices.

Hopefully, I will download and test run it on my blackberry phone and give a feedback about it on this blog.

I don’t have or use an iPhone hence, I personally cannot test run it. However, we would appreciate if an iPhone user test and gives a feedback using the comment form to aid other iPhone users.

How To Download TuneIn Radio App On Android

Launch your Play Store app on your device and search using the keyword ‘tunein radio‘ or, if using your android device in accessing this page, then you can reach the TuneIn app directly from here and download.

How Does The TuneIn Radio App Really Work?

Okay, I know you might be wondering how it works but based on my understanding of the app, I believe it has to do with some server connection. You do not need an earpiece plugged into your phone before you can listen to radio stations on the app.

You, however, definitely need an internet connection. Not just any internet connection but a good internet connection on your phone before you can use the app as it needs to connect to the server before you can listen to radio stations with good signals.

Personally, I would advise using an unlimited internet plan. Although the app does not consume much data, this solely depends on how long you want to keep on listening to online radio stations, and no, it does not drain your battery. At least, not on my own device.

Have you ever tried using TuneIn Radio app on your android, iPhone, or Blackberry device? What’s your experience using the app? Do you know of any better radio app outside TuneIn Radio? Please share with us using the comment form.

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