Sinmo App: The Wages Of Sin Are No Longer Death, Just Pay Money

Pay the wages of sin with Sinmo App and sin some more.

In the book of Romans 6:23, the Bible says the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

There is a popular saying; nobody wants to die, but we all want to go to heaven. Knowing that the wages of sin is death, what if there was a better method of having to pay the wages of our sin? What if death shouldn’t be an option since there’s money to be spent? Well, say hello to Sinmo App.

Pay The Wages Of Sin Using Sinmo App

I am guessing SINMO Means sin Mo or sin money. Whatever the case, Sinmo is an app that lets you pick what sins you want to partake in upfront and settle the bill before the act. And in a situation whereby you got carried away and committed a sin, the sinmo still let’s you still pay for the sins committed.

Sinmo app allows you pay for your sins with money

Point is, everybody sins and with our busy lives, we often do not get the chance to ask for forgiveness. For this reason, the video says God has inseminated our phones with a new app called sinmo.

You can watch the app introduction below:

It is said that the app works just like the old Roman Catholic indulgences.

With the sinmo App, the wages of sin is no longer death. Just pay cash. There is even surge pricing – for Friday nights. Can you beat that!

Users can pay for simple sins like telling lies to even more advanced Sins like Genocide. The app has a complete price Catalog of every sin.

How To Get Sinmo App

According to the video, just like accepting Christ into your heart, the app is totally free. It is also said that God has to artificially inseminate your phone with the revolutionary app. Hence, if you by chance, you find the app on your phone, you are in luck!

Think about it for a second. How cool would it be to just commit sins and not care about judgement? I mean, you don’t have to worry since you can just pay for the sins and fear no more. This can even lure you to sin more since you can foot the bills, right? Besides, it’s a lot easier to sin and not feel judged, right?

As interesting as this sounds, this would be a disaster if it was true. Why? Well, technically, only the well-to-do and rich folks can pay for their redemption using money. The poor will have to face judgement.

Other than that, this will lead to more crises. Reason being that, everyone would want to commit crimes, crime that will yield much monetary returns. Returns enough to pay for sins using the sinmo App.

Thankfully, the sinmo App is only sarcasm. The app does not exist. I tried looking for it in the Google Play store and apple app store and all to no avail. No, I wasn’t trying to pay for my sins, I was only researching on the subject lol.

Even a Google search for the term Sinmo, wouldn’t help. It’s only a work of comedy. Don’t take it serious.

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Regardless, want to pay cash for your sin? Wait on the lord; maybe at the right time, he will inseminate your phone with the sinmo App as the video states lol.

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